So about that picture


… it was taken on our honeymoon about a year ago. We went to London and saw LOTS of the sights. The first full day there we went to the Winston Churchill exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. My husband Josh’s uncle has a friend who works there and we got to take a behind-the-glass tour and poke around. Here I am sitting in the chair at the desk in Winston Churchill’s own private bunker. He made a few radio addresses from this desk though only very rarely slept in the bunk as he thought it was very uncomfortable (and it looked it).
This is about the only good picture I have of myself electronically as my computer’s hard drive crashed about nine months ago and took most of my media files with it.
I do have some more pics on flickr, and a few of them are on diabetes visible though not as many as there could be. I’ll try and take some AUTS photos if nothing else! :slight_smile: