So I think I have for sure figured out what caused my diabetes

So I was reading a topic in which Melitta responded that the autoimmune attack can happen years after the virus that causes it. I have probably mentioned it before but I am starting to suspect a stomach bug I had on my 21st birthday was the nail in the coffin. It took me a while and a bit of researching to see yeah it's possible, it was quite possibly Coxsackie B . I was really fatigued and had really severe diarrhea (sorry for the tmi) and all over body aches. I basically stayed in bed for the entire time for quite a while and the only time I got up was to sit on the toilet or try to eat a little piece of toast. I didn't have a doctor at the time, I figure if I did this would of been less of a mystery as I could of had a culture or something? It went on for a while though where I really question it, like I even went back to college not being 100% better after it, like it took at least a week or so to go away and I've read that's also common with Coxsackie. Granted I am and was an adult at the time where the symptoms were also not as bad as they possibly could of been it was mostly just a digestive issue+ fatigue thing not some of the scary crap I've read can come with it.

But anyway, I suspect that's what set it off. It's 3am and I'm thinking about this for some stupid reason. Also that was the worst birthday present if that is the case.

I read that the autoimmune attack can happen as much as nine years before the onset of symptoms. As soon as I read that, I thought of my theory as to why I got diabetes. I got diabetes at 9 years of age and was (as you know) born premature and in the NICU and such for months after I was born - which equals sterile environment except for infections (sepsis) which I had. I figure this messed up my immune system and is the reason I have diabetes as well as so many issues with severe allergies and such.

I think your theory sounds plausible to me. What I never find plausible is people who say their diabetes was triggered by a virus that they had a month before their diagnosis. Maybe that virus was the final straw that made their BG go high and their body was never able to bring it back down, but even in kids, I don't think the autoimmune attack happens that quickly!

In your case I'd say yeah , that could be a huge cause of it. Being a preemie can screw your immune system for life I think? That also could be factored in for me too I think

Yep, pretty sure it could screw up an immune system for life, especially if you read about the "hygiene hypothesis" as a cause for allergies and autoimmune diseases.