So, What's in YOUR Closet?

So, I thought clothes were the only thing to go in a closet?! Not now!!! I’ve been Type 1 Diabetic for just over a year and the supplies are already taking over my living space! It’s crazy how many supplies are needed for this chronic disease!!

So, what’s in your closet?

Mine contains:

8 Boxes of Mios
5 Boxes of quick sets

19 Boxes of Reservoirs

8 Meters (none of which my insurance company will provide strips for!)

Alcohol Wipes

Skin Tac

400 Relia Med and Tegaderm Dressings

Smith and Nephew Skin Prep

IV Prep Wipes

Ketone strips

6 boxes of Dexcom sensors

1000 Lancets

10 Boxes of Test strips

3 Boxes of Fast-Clix Lancet Drums.

Valued at…I’m not sure but I’m thinking maybe I should take out an insurance policy on my closet!!!

My closet is full of Diacrap, I have tons. LOL

I can't fit it all into my closet, so I have things strategically distributed. Between the bathroom, beside table, closet and the dining room it all fits!

I am just impressed with your organization! I have several tubs in a closet, but it is not as neat as yours for certain. I like to keep it all in one place for better organization.

My closet's full of clothes but I have a container set of drawers thing, while the bottom drawer is pjs and the 2nd one is socks/underwear...there's some diabetes supplies in the 2nd one like some test strips and a meter I don't use.When I used my pump it had supplies in there but yeah not anymore. My 1st level has 3-4 types of snacks, glucose tablets, extra strips, extra lancets, and a few extra meters that I CAN use. Too lazy to get pictures.