Some more questions from an about-to-be user

When a new sensor is inserted, one waits 2 hours to enter 2 BG readings to calibrate, then 12 hours later it asks for another calibration. If I re-calibrate earlier than 12 hours will it still ask for a calibration at the original 12 hour mark or does the 12 hour countdown start at each recalibration?

If 12 hours passes without a calibration, it will ask for one. Note that it still functions fine without frequent calibrations, and many of us have found that additional calibrations are actually detrimental depending on the circumstances. I only enter a calibration (after the initial one) if the meter and Dexcom are more than slightly different, and only if my sugar levels are flat.

Best I understand, the countdown clock starts over with each calibration.

I believe it resets. IOW, if I happen to enter one early for some reason after 10 or 11 hours, I do not believe it will ask me again in just an hour for a recalibration.

Have others seen different behavior?...

All that said, I only ever calibrate when it asks me, and sometimes I forget for a while, but the dang 'blood' drip' icon stays there to remind me until I finally recalibrate. So naggy, this G4. ;)


The 12 hours starts over after each calibration. Like others here, I try not to calibrate too often, but I am usually guilted into it when the blood drop sits there for a while.

Thanks for all the helpful replies. Tomorrow I try to insert my 1st sensor.

Hello - if first time, advice I did not get in the beginning. Do it standing up! I didn't know that for about 1 1/2 years and omgoodness, what a difference.

Hello, the advice I got from the Dexcom educator was to calibrate more often on the first day as the sensor is a bit weird then and often needs to be corrected onto the right path. My advice is to not get too excited if the Dex doesn't match perfectly on the first couple of days as it will usually correct to closer numbers with your meter over time, especially by the end of the 2nd day if not sooner. Good luck. I'm pretty sure you will be very pleased with Dex as most of us here are.

Sensor is in, 2 hours are up so I entered the 2 BG readings & away we go, hopefully! I did do the insertion standing up, I always insert the pump canulas standing up so it seemed like the sensible way. I'm not sure I heard 2 clicks aas I inserted but the plunger was all the way down & my fingers were definately on top of the collar so we shall see.