Something interesting, about diabetes even!

I have to come back to the people who get upset about not having perfect control of their diabetes.
Well, let me tell you, in my 50 years of diabetes I have never seen perfect control by anyone! Have any of you? For me at least perfect control is not possible. That is to say, it depends on what you call “perfect control” In my case my HG is 5.9. This to many would sound that what is perfect control, I believe.
Well I know this lady, a devout roman catholic who asked her priest to light a candle for her asking for perfect control. She said that it did help her. Maybe mind over matter.
I heard about this candle business at an other time.Let’s call her “Ans” just for short. Ans met the priest who married her 2 years back. The priest asked her about the little wee ones. She said no luck so far. Well the priest said, I’m going to Rome and will lit a special candle for you. She thanked the priest because she was longing for the wee one she never did get. Some years later she met the priest on the street going to the dentist.No, the dentist is just an innocent bystander here. Again the priest wanted to know if there was any luck in getting the wee ones. This time Ans said that she had two sets of twins plus two single boys.
Wow said the priest and he said “How is the hubby doing?” Ans said that he was not home! She said to the priest that he had gone to Rome to blow out the candle!
This story was told to me so I’m not sure if it really did work that well, but it is something to keep in mind, even for diabetes control, right?

Greetings from JOHNBEN or JB for very short.

I LOVE IT!!! Too funny!!!

That’s just plan funny!

On a serious note here, I’ve been a Type 1 for soon to be 37 years and sometimes I think I’m getting “good control” just to be hit in the face with some off the wall numbers! No you never get that “good control” over it it’s hit and miss alot of times! Love your A1C though! GOOD FOR YOU!

LOL. Why pray for one when there are plenty of parking spaces underground.

JB this is funny. Love it!

Was that metaphorical in nature…?

being Catholic, I am LOL!!!..
perfect control—what’s that? don’t know & will prob have better control when I realize I’m striving for an illusion!