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Diabetes Drugs Outperformed By Nutritional Supplement

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 09, 2008 – STUART, FL – A nutritional supplement has proved to be much more effective than the eight top-selling diabetes drugs, according to a new clinical trial.

The supplement—GlucosRx™—produced “quite dramatic” results says researchers, safely reducing blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure and triglycerides

Has anyone heard about this yet sure sounds good I’ve never been one for drugs

You’re kidding right? “Researchers at a private facility”? I’m sure those unidentified researchers weren’t paid by the company that manufactures or markets the product. A press release by the company that’s marketing the product? The president of the company that’s marketing the product has something positive to say about it?

Press releases by marketing companies don’t equate to good, sound, impartial research. I really hope no one takes this seriously.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I took a look at the comments on their website and most of them sounded like this: “I started to eat low Carb and not eating sugar, white flour, starch, enriched bread, potato, rice, etc., and watching my Glycemic food index.
Thanks to GlucosRx, I will continue to work on my health, as my goal is to be in the best shape of my life.” Well, maybe, just maybe, it’s the low carb diet and the exercise that has made the difference.

Hi Jim,
The best thing to do when you read stuff on the internet is to ask your doctor and not random people in cyberspace. I’m not a huge fan of medication because I am having some sugar issues now and if there’s a benign natural way to help with this I’d rather try this route first and my doctor knows and respects this. I am watching my diet and started exercising for awhile now and still it wasn’t enough. Why for example do people take statins when they can fight high cholesterol with this? When I read this press release I went to the website for the product and studied the ingredients the clinical trial the peer review and faxed it to my doctor who said it was fine for me to try it. It’s only been about 3 days but so far I’ve been very happy with where I’ve tested in the AM and after meals and will be seeing my doctor next week. You should look at the ingredients because they are things I’ve tried in parts before. I ended up here because I was searching for someone who has used this longer than me but just wanted to let you know the best person to ask is your doctor.
Hope that helps,

Aren’t most–if not all–clinical trials paid for by manufacturers? The key difference here is that this one is for a nutritional supplement–not a drug. I actually took the time to read the study and the peer review. It seems impressive. I like to be open-minded and not a knee-jerk naysayer and am going to get my husband to try it. What is there to lose?

It’s always a good idea to use an alternative route that someone you know has done before and ideally use a product from a reputable company. But alternative methods DO work; I know several people who can attest to that. But to answer your question I don’t know about that specific product.