Sore spot near insulin injection

It is a darn good thing I am not a nurse who gives shots. I stink at giving myself my insulin.Out of 14 injections a week (at least) I am getting 1/2 of tem with black and blue marks. Now I have a different problem; I've gotten a "map" so to speak of where I can injection, so I tried a different spot....midriff on my left side. I noticed that now I have a stinging pain ever days after my injection....nothing sharp or really painful, rather like a pulled muscle. No black and blue mark, but I don't remember if there had been one. I use the smallest needles I can get, and inject only 30 units of lantus a night. No needles broke off, may have bentm but then I seem to have a ring of fat around my middle. Serious enough to have it checked out for something else. My doc can't take the obvious thing, she has to run all kinds of tests and scans etc....which I can't afford. Should I worry and make an appt for Monday? Honestly these are the things that drive me nuts

I was allergic to lantus and pretty much every injection got sore and left a painful lump that lasted for weeks......when levemir came on the market I switched and the problem went away. Ask your doctor if you can split your dose, lantus is very acidic and large doses really burn........You may also do better with a little longer needle when giving bigger doses.

Speaking just to the injection technique: Perhaps you do this but this is a review for you perhaps. I always found that, unless you are very thin and have little subq tissue, clean the site (I never did but..) and hold it still between the non injection thumb and finger. Inject straight in very quickly. Jab straight in without thinking about it. After injecting the insulin, hold needle in. Don't remove it yet. Wait a few seconds and then quickly remove it. Hold a bit of pressure and massage tissue a little. Perhaps with a clean tissue over it. See if that helps with the bruising. Another approach, same idea, is to pinch up a good thick pinch and use same technique as described. Straight in to the middle of the pinch, hold a few seconds, quickly remove, relax pinch, massage lightly.

If you have insulin type issues, then this won't help. Or, maybe it will.

Re your new concern, talk with dr about what are essential tests that are most likely to provide a diagnosis. What tests can be held for a while? Sometimes they don't think about the money angle. Your health comes first but there may be a more cost effective way to diagnose. Can't hurt to ask.