Sort of off topic

Yesterday the mailman brought into the store a box about 12 x 10 inchies. Inside the box was a mound of peanuts and in the center was one spool of ribbon…one very small spool of ribbon. Cost of the ribbon was $4.95 ---- cost of postage for the box was $7.95…what? They could have used a bubble bag and saved money…I truly don’t get it, but am sending the ribbon back. I can’t afford to sell it to customers for over $2.25 a yard.

I had a similar experience recently – the item I bought was a mini-spatula, about 1" wide by 10" long. It arrived in a 12 x 12 x 18" box stuffed full of paper … and a card calling attention to their new “eco” packaging and the company’s commitment to minimizing packaging waste! Unbelievable.