Spikes in the morning

I have good readings through the day night, (and good a1c) and I wake up around 100. No matter what I eat, it shoots up above 140-200 after a bolus for what I eat. I am taking really high boluses, but still end up high or low after a large bolus. I already increased my basal from 6 am to 8 am (waking up at 6:45, eating at 7), but that doesn’t do anything. Do you have any advice for me?

Just two thoughts:
Are you sure about the amount of carbs you eat for breakfast?
Do you eat the same breakfast every day?
Any possibility that if you altered what you eat it might affect you BS differently?

How quickly does the rise after waking up occur? Have you tried skipping breakfast once to see how close your morning basal rate is to what it should be?

Idk I read somewhere that when your blood sugar spikes in the morning like that your usually comming out of your honeymoon period. Im probably wrong but I read that somewhere, just to let you know. but yeah try fasting or something for breakfest

I am pretty sure about the amount of carbs. I don’t eat the same breakfast every day. I think it might be possible to change the effect of it, but I am not sure how.

It rises within an hour. I will try skipping breakfast sometime soon to see how it works, thanks!

I don’t really remember about spikes a while ago, I just now started noticing them.

I went on a continuous glucose monitor for about a week 1 year ago. I didn’t think it worked very well, but one thing it did show me is that I always spiked after my breakfast. I would be driving to work in the morning and see my sugars go up to about 180 and then back down again a little later. Notably, this means that if you tested 2-3 hours AFTER breakfast, you would have totally missed seeing this spike, because it did self-correct itself. But who wants to go that high after breakfast, even if it’s for a hour. I think increasing your morning basal might work, or timing your bolus in the morning to be earlier (longer before your breakfast) might help. In fact, I think changing the bolus to be earlier (15-20 min) before your breakfast is the best idea, because if you change your basal and then you don’t eat breakfast or you eat a small breakfast you would go low. Also, morning sugars generally spike just before waking up from the “dawn effect”, but yours sounds a little different because it is after you wake up. Not sure, maybe it is the same thing. I’m not a doctor, so these are just ideas.