Spiking after meals

I’m a little confused. So a lot of the time (not everytime) after eating a meal my blood sugar will skyrocket to the 200’s (hr or so later when I check my blood), but when i go to correct my BG, those units are already on board so I do not need to add any units. What am I doing wrong? Obviously I have the carb ratio right, but the insulin isn’t working as fast as I need it too. Am I eating too soon? I usually try to wait 20 mins after pumping it in. Any advice?


Hi Amanda,

Okay, it sounds like you’re bolusing about 20 minutes before eating? If you’re cking your b/g at an hour after eating, my understanding is that a b/g in the 200-ish range is acceptable. Your target is the 2 hour time period, when your b/g should return to w/i 30 points of your pre-meal blood glucose. Are you returning to your target number in the two-hour time period? If so, then not to worry too much at the one hour time ck. This is my understanding of things.

I think thats pretty normal. As long as your back down to your target within 2 - 3 hours your doing good. If your always doing a correction after 3 hours then you might have a problem

You can pre-bolus to avoid as high of a spike, but I have no honestly been able to eliminate it completely, even wearing a CGMS.

Oh ok, thank you! Yeah I am usually back to normal within 2-3 hours. I didn’t realize that was normal, that makes me feel better.