Split the lantus?

I want to experiment with splitting my night time lantus. I think I'm gonna try 40% at 10pm and 60% at 10am. That way, if I'm having bad DP, I might have the option of overlapping the two by taking the am lantus two or three hours early. I would like some clarification on one point. My lantus last a reliable 24 - 26 hour, so I think its overlapping a little in the eave, anyway. Can I be certain that each lantus dose will last 12 hours instead of 24? I don't understand how that works out right unless your one of those people for whom the lantus only lasts 12 hours.

The doctor has had me injecting my lantus twice a day when I first started on insulin. I inject 6 units at bedtime and 6 units before lunch. When I asked him about the twice a day routine, he said that it would result in a flat release that way because Lantus usually fades after 18=20 hours and takes another hour to start working. That leaves 4-6 hours with little or no basil insulin.

Thanks, Madison. That's helpful input. Yea, I guess I can't say, for sure, how long its lasting. But, I tend to run really consistently low in the eave, before and after I take my nighttime Lantus, particularly after, so I assume the Lantus is solid for 24 - 26 hrs. However, my insulin requirements might just be less at night, after running around all day. I think I'm gonna try the split and see what happens.

Its working, Madison! This changes everything for me, so excited! It took 4 months for me to figure out that I needed to split. I have never heard of it before. I was thinking about what you said. I think my Lantus was lasting soooo long because I was taking a giant dose of 35 units. When I cut it down into a 14 units night time dose, it only lasted 12. I'm just took a morning 17 unit dose and if it last longer than 12 hours, then I'll know that the size of the dose affects its duration. I am taking quite a bit, and should try to cut it down, if I can without going high. I'm so glad this stuff finally makes sense. Took FOREVER to figure out!

Each dose will still last around 20+ hours (IOW, a little less than 24). Splitting ensures that for the window where your 10 pm dose is finished, there is still some Lantus active from your 10am dose and vice versa.

There's been so much conflicting info about Lantus activity duration, that I tried to measure it. I let it run out totally last night, by waiting 25 hrs. I tried to let it run most of the way out this morning and waited until it stared to rise so I could anticipate where I ought to be taking the second dose. The Lantus activity profile does show any decrease in its later hours, but I'm hoping it has one. It looks like it ran out around 9am, but I guess it could be DP. The initial estimate shows should be overlapping by 9am, regardless of if its a drop in Lantus activity, or just an increase in my insulin requirements, I guess. Thanks again, Mike. This is gonna fix it - no more extreme highs during the day and extreme lows at night. I just know its gonna work. I knew it from the moment you said it.

Here's what the old, battle axe of a blood sugar system was doing previously. I think we got system stability, although its only coarsely tuned...

That data seems to be panning out...Success! Time to dance!