Spreading the Word

Attended our local Diabetes support group tonight and spent about 20 minutes talking about Bernstein. Several people wrote down the information so they could go buy the book. Yea!

I always mention his work whenever I go to any group. I also "convert" diabetics I meet socially.
So far any who have tried to get closer to the plan have all said how much better they feel.

I lead my local support group. I have essentially been labelled "dangerous" by the sponsoring diabetes center. I used to be invited to come in to talk with newly diagnosed diabetics who are taking a diabetes class, but I have been banned.

There are other Bernstein followers in my support group. We exchange recipes and tips.

So now seeking to achieve normal blood sugar is "dangerous". OMG.

This perfectly highlights the intense conflict I feel when (as we all do) I encounter those who are not simply ignorant but actively opposed to Bernstein and his methods. On the one hand I feel sorry for them and wish I could bring them enlightenment, but on the other I feel great anger at their stubborn insistence on giving advice that -- let us not mince words here -- is actively harming and (whisper it) maybe even killing people.

As Bernstein says (Preface to 4th edition), "Unlike the ADA guidelines, ours work."

The first time I encountered the irrational opposition to restricting the foods that cause us problems I was confused. But after seeing it happen again and again I am no longer surprised, even though I still find it irrational.

It's not anything I have to take on faith, I have seen what the ADA guidelines do to my blood sugar, and the dramatic and immediate improvement that carb restriction provides. In the end the truth will prevail. Dr. B sums it up perfectly "Unlike the ADA guidelines, ours work."

The frustration remains of seeing people follow the advice of experts with a bunch of letters after their names and having their health deteriorate as a result. Because I have no letters after my name my advice will always be discounted by many, perhaps most people. Also we must face the facts, people are very resistant to changing their diet, some of the CDE's on the site report very low success in getting people to even try low carb.

The best we can do is say "This works for me, perhaps it can work for you too."