Square wave and Dual wave Boluses

Does anyone know if the OmniPod can do a Dual Wave Bolus? I assume the extend option when bolusing witht he PDM is a square wave blous. What about a dual wave bolus, which is to my understanding when the pump gives you some of the insulin and then the rest over time. I’ve just started to read up on these different boluses. I like the ideas of both of them. I would be a little nervous to do it the first time though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, this is for my 9 year old daughter, not me. I so wish it was me instead of her. She is so fantastic though, really a great kid. We are going to Caregiver weekend at Clara Barton Camp tonight. We are both very excited.

the extend option is also a dual wave option, b/c as soon as you tell it you only want to give % now (for example an 80/20 split), then 80% is given immediately (normal bolus) and the other 20% is delivered over x amount of time (whatever you input). So yeas, it def does dual wave :slight_smile:
I would work with a CDE or your endo to get better ideas about when to utilize this, but for many of us we use it for fatty foods, or for foods that enter the blood stream slower (I use it for pizza and sometimes for pastas).


is a good link to start, you can also search “extended boluses” and see lots of entries – but it sounds like your prediction is correct – when I am eating something like beans that absord slowly, or high fat/ high carb items like pizza, i’ll do an extended bolus.

lately, too, when i’m low and have a meal or big snack, i’ll do an extended bolus so that i dont crash low again, but that the carbs are counted for in a half an hour when b.s. has normalized.

good luck!

Hi Renee,

Dual wave bolus is just another name for square wave. Yes, the extend option on the PDM is for setting up dual wave/square wave and works well for pizza or other longer-digesting foods.

Enjoy the camp!

Bradford explained it very well. Just have some of it delivered immediately and the remainder delivered over a period of time. That’s the dual wave option. Alternatively, you can also have 100% delivered immediately or over a period of time.