Started Victoza

I started Victoza 10 days ago. I just think it is the miracle drug for diabetes for me. On day one my after meal numbers were down. The next morning I had the lowest fasting number I have had in months. My fasting numbers had been in the 200’s. It varies from day to day according to how good (diabetically speaking) my evening meal was. But since I started on victoza I have not had a fasting number over 140, even had one at 114. Without Victoza I could control my daily numbers with diet and excersize, but my fasting numbers I had no controll over. As for side effects, I feel slightly nauseated at times, sometimes I get diahreah. Sometimes I get headaches. Nothing too major compared to my new numbers. I started the 1.2 dosage 3 days ago. So far, so good. I take mine in the late afternoon just because it is the most consistant time for me to take it and remember to do so.

Metwinmom, I know how you feel. I’m two months into Victoza and it’s still a miracle drug for me. One caution… it’s so good at controlling blood sugar, I have been finding myself give into food temptations that I didn’t give into when I knew it would mean 200 BG levels after. Now, a couple hours after eating, levels goes right back down to NORMAL! 95 - 110, unheard of before Victoza, are common numbers now. I’m still on .06 because that’s all it takes. Doctor thinks I should move to 1.2 to see if I get the advantage of the weight loss too, but I’m hesitant.

I’m probably just paranoid, but since there are really no long-term (20+ years) reports to read since it’s such a young drug, I think I’d rather stick with the lowest dose I can get away with. Then there’s the fact that I say 20.00 a month by not using a second pen per month. Our insurance requires that we pay 20% on medications.