Starting Dexcom G6 after 100 days

Has anyone successfully started a Dexcom G6 sensor with a transmitter that is more than 100 days old? I’m on day 101 with good battery still. I had intended to start a new session yesterday, but forgot. I’ve heard the transmitter wont allow you to start another session after the 100 day mark, but I don’t know if this is really confirmed.

Does it matter what software you use to start the session? Any possible better luck starting with Xdrip+ or Tandem, or will it definitely throw an error.

I don’t want to waste 2 hours of warmup time, just to get a startup error after the fact.

Whats the 1st 2 digits on the transmitter ID? That will help people figure this out.

I’m currently on an 8H. I’m just gonna try it tomorrow when the current session expires. I assume it won’t work, but I’ll try to start it on Xdrip. It it won’t let me, I’ll finally have confirmation it’s the transmitter software that doesn’t allow a new session past day 100.

Assume you are running xDrip native mode, so will likely act same as receiver/app in regards to transmitter days.

Older transmitters could run non-native on xDrip until true battery failure.

My last transmitter, I did restart on day 100, and did get another session. But did not make it to 10 days, had several dropouts of no data 30-60 minutes. With X2, decided to just switch to new transmitter, and yes, another 2hr warmup.

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Thanks. I’ve just read a lot that you can’t start after 100 days, but I don’t know for sure that this is confirmed, or just people repeating what they read.

I actually tried to see if the transmitter could be killed intentionally around day 85. My last transmitter died at day 27, but I just KNEW the transmitter wasn’t working right before that. I couldn’t do a thing about it until Dexcom finally threw the bad transmitter error code, though. I was hoping to discover a way to intentionally finish a problematic one off early. Experimented with all sorts of different conductivity materials over one or both terminals on the transmitter. Oil, water, RO water, RO reject water with higher concentrations of minerals, saliva, a single ply of tissue soaked with an the prior mentioned things… Even resorted to coating the transmitter with peanut butter! Ultimately, I just wound up cleaning the corrosion off the transmitter, because the transmitter is working better than ever, with more voltage and less resistance.

I’ve got 8 hours left on this session, and I’m going to be irritated to have to retire a transmitter with such good battery life left!

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Your efforts are very creative, thanks for sharing ! :smiley::grinning:

I know one person posted on G5 sensor, using xDrip non-native mode that got well over Dexcom end date (total 191 days).
Per his post, having multiple devices will drain faster. But xDrip can’t bypass native mode now.

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