Starting Medication - Possible early LADA

Hi CQJ, I was told that it could be up to 12 years from the diagnosis of "D" until insulin is required. I didn't think that included the pre-diabetes period? Also, I had reactive hypoglycemia about 10 years ago which gradually improved because my fasting and before meal numbers no longer go below 100 unless I exercise a lot after eating. Good luck with finding out and since you have a low c-peptide it's good you are getting treatment..perhaps the Metformin was what improved your fasting readings.

Hi and thanks. It’s frustrating not knowing where I fit in and being in this “middle ground”. I did have the mixed meal test, and what was really frustrating is that a meal that on most days will spike me to 200, only spanked me to 130 that morning. I don’t know if it has to do with the time of day or what. When I pointed out that those numbers don’t even match up with my A1 C, they said okay and that they did not need to see me anymore. they told me to go to a neurologist for my headaches, but when I pointed out that the headaches only happen if I ate too many carbs and that I could control them by eating no carbs, they just said it was strange and reiterated that I did not need to come back to them. So I now go to university of Miami to an endocrinologist there. She said that she agreed I was a strange case, but that given my lifestyle I could hang out in no mans land for a while. She suggested I try the metformin, but after I ran the marathon to make sure that my blood sugar would not drop. I found it interesting that my aunt, who I just found out is a type 2 diabetic, had to be taken off metformin too. . For some reason they did not seem concerned when my number was at 200 and hour after I get lunch when I walked in the door. I really don’t know what else to do except wait until I have another treatment option allowed to me.
Please let me know if you have any better luck than me with treatment options. Thanks!

Thanks, running is my sanity, my reset button.
I will do weight training too, but it doesn’t give me the same endorphin Rush like running does.
I agree with the slow moving train and impatience, I feel it too. It’s nice knowing I’m not alone.

I think it may be time of day, because I can tolerate a lot more carbs in the morning for some reason. I spike the highest after meals in the evening, which makes me think that it's because I used up a lot of insulin during the day and my pancreas is tired then. I know others on the forum say the opposite and that they spike the most in the am...guess it just depends on where you are in the progression. I've come to the conclusion that most doctors aren't concerned with one hour readings no matter how high; they pay attention to the 2 hour instead. If you are similar to me, my two hour is typically under 200 because I have a good second phase insulin response yet.

I’m the same way, I tolerate carbs in the morning but as the day goes on I have higher spikes after meals.

Thanks! I'm always interested when people have had reactive hypoglycemia in the past and develop high blood sugars. My doctor thinks I present like a long time T2 (who has worn out my insulin production), but that doesn't make sense with only pre-diabetic numbers. I also am completely unpredictable in terms of what I eat. The same meal at the same time of day will put me under 100 or over 130 at 2 hours for no apparent reason. That is the most frustrating part of all. I have to assume the metformin is helping and since I know it isn't hurting I do my best to take it properly (I'm on 500mg twice a day). Good luck to you as well!