State Criterium Championship

I have raced triathlons for several years, but only recently started getting into the “road” scene of cycling. This is my first year to buy a USACycling license, so until I have enough race starts, I’m still considered a cat 5. This weekend was the Oklahoma State Criterium Championship races, and I was pumped to get to racing!

I Had some pre-race jitters that had my BG up to 224 a few hours before my race. I bolused and increased my basal insulin to +85% (b/c of the intensity of crit races, my BG tends to rise during races, as opposed to the typical endurance activities I am used to).

I had a BG of 154 and then later 120 about 45 minutes before the race. My nerves made me insulin resistant so I was back up to 177 about 10 minutes before the race. At this point my basal insulin was back to normal.

The race was capped at a field of 50. The course had two small (but significant) risers in it, one which occurred directly after a hairpin off-camber turn. I was sitting in the top 5 when we rounded that tight corner and a friend of mine had a tubie roll off and he went down in front of me. I took the inside line to get around him, and after the shuffling, I ended up in the lead group of 4 (3 other riders and myself). We continued taking pulls and at one point I jumped off the front to even win a prime. The group of 4 of us had passed much of the field several times, and with 3 laps to go, as we turned the off-camber corner and started up the hill, I went to the “pain cave” to see if I could leave the group behind.

I just kept my head down and made sure to keep pedaling as hard as I could, and beat the group by nearly 1/2 a lap when I crossed the finish line three laps later, winning the Cat 5 Oklahoma State Championship.

BG afterward was 225. I took a bolus and came down quickly. Dropped to 99 about 45 minutes later. The race felt great and I was very happy to secure the state champ title! I am still trying to work on the insulin/nutrition combo with this kind of intense exercise, but I am loving this new avenue of racing! Can’t wait for the next one!

Way to go!! What a great result for your first foray.

Thanks bsc! I raced a few crits last year and got “the itch” to really get into road racing this season. I am really enjoying it a lot. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

wow Bradford, that’s great! hmmm, the “pain cave”

Congrats man!! We should stay up on the racing bit as I am a cat2 and spend all of my time outside of the office racing or doing something to make my racing faster. You will love the Dexcom if you are not on it yet and maybe you can convince me to go to a pump… I think it would help my racing glucoses.