Statins for diabetics good or bad

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I'm not slandering "a class of people" Maurie. I just know what has happened to me personally. When I have gone to two of my doctors with information I have gleaned from the internet (worthy sources such as the ADA) and simply ask for their comments on things the attitude is 'shut up and take what I give you and what I say' I'm an adult - one who has put up with that for YEARS.....I have maybe 20 years at the outside left in life. I'm just tired of taking all of these meds which I feel are some of the source of my pain. I told my one doctor that I was more interested in the quality of my life than the quanity and I sincerely meant that.

I am so in agreement with you !!

Someone please tell me what you are using animal insulin for

Lilly still makes a purified beef insulin, but the C-peptide has been removed.
you can get it if your doctor writes a prescription.
I know an elderly woman that uses it because has has been stable on it for a long time and does not want to switch. The bottle says made in Mexico. If that matters to you.

I've never been a big fan of generalizations of any sort. All docs are not equal. All meds are not bad.

Maybe you should shop around for new doctors. There are some out there who will discuss and share research. My endo and CDE frequently give me research to look up on the internet and are willing to discuss anything I ask.

Also, I think all statins are not equal. Just because one med gives you pain doesn't mean another in the same class will. That's been my experience with different meds.

My opinion is that if the research shows, which I believe it does, that there is even a small chance that a statin will decrease the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke for me, then I'm willing to take the statin unless it causes side effects for me. My choice has been to take the very low doses of statin recommended by my endo for the past 25 years. I trust him and I think he does care as I know his family well.

MissKitka, we are friends too, so can I also participate in your file on statins? I also read a lot by doctors on all sides, and I have been D for 31 years and I do my own treating via supplements, as I believe in orthomolecular medicine. I've been cured of the neuropathy since 2003, due to my applying supplements.
My view on Statins is that inhibiting the production does not stop the body using whatever cholesterol it does produce to patch damage, so when it is finished the first come first served emergency measures, it may find itself short on cholesterol for making hormones and muscle cell walls so that could account for the muscle aches you refer to in your previous family members. Rhabdomyolysis is worth looking up and it is a recognized side effect of statins.
So my approach is to take plenty of antioxidants in food and supplements, and hence the need for cholesterol production falls naturally. I respect your desire to keep yourself informed and doctors appreciate self motivated patients who know what they are doing. So your GP is all you need for the routine testing that needs to be done to monitor one's health.
I personally would not choose to consume a lot of saturated fat, as I prefer to be slim and get good fats in nuts. But my main protein is beef cooked on an incline, so I discard the fat mostly.
I believe the greatest cause of internal damage is oxidation and that even occurs with exercise and digesting any food, not only proteins or meats. So just taking the antioxidants provides a solution as they donate electrons to balance the free radicals. Antioxidants don't gobble them up as people claim, but just balance them with the needed missing electrons.


Why do you need to trash Dr. Bernstein? Some people follow him, many more don't. Individual choice, of course, & not necessary to call someone a groupie, Dr. Bernstein a demi-god & other disparaging comments you make about him.

I take statins because they work for me. Prior to 2013, I had been diagnosed with type 2, and had been living quite well on orals and statins. In late 20o, i had a small stroke that was attributed to high cholesterol. the stroke wasn't that bad, and Icontinued on the meds. In late 2002 I had a disabling stroke, and a higher dosage of Lipitor was prescribed, along with Zetia. Fast forward. My diabetes became uncontrolable and I was put on insulin with poor results. My diangnosos was switched from Type 2 to LADA and a new approach to insulin therapy was taken, including a pump. My last blood panel showed cholesterol levels as they should be and my over-all health better than it has been for years. I will continue to take these medications, whatever the risk. If dementia is a problem, my life is complete anyway, and I have no regrets.

Hi Brian,

Glad meds are working for you. Do you know what your cholesterol level was? You mentioned it was "high"? My level is perfectly normal and my Doc has tried putting me on Crestor as a "precaution". Everything I've read talks about stain drugs offering a benefit when the patient has had a stroke, heart disease or heart attack but if you have normal numbers there is little benefit. I lead a very active life and had all kinds of stress tests which have shown my heart is very strong and healthy (resting rate of 54bpm)...

But I think in your case they are good for you...