Still a bit unsure

Today I visited my diabetes educator. On the drive there I was still deciding Omnipod vs. Paradigm. As I walked I was ready to say give me the pod. Then I remembered seeing in a forum somewhere that Minimed is developing a pod like system. So wouldn’t you know the first words out of my educator’s mouth were “Yesterday I just saw pictures of the protoype that Minimed is developing similar to the Omnipod” Oh Great! I was ready to go with Omnipod and pursue the Dextrom CGM. And after talking to an Omnipod rep today, I hear that an integrated CGM is coming with a new PDM, but don’t hold your breath. So since having a CGM is what finally actually pushed me into actively pursuing a pump I decided to go with the Paradigm. And just maybe their answer to the pod will make it to market someday. Despite the few annoyances with a tube that I posted yesterday, I really barely notice it’s there. But I haven’t totally given up on Omnipod. I am filling out the paperwork for both and going to see what it’s going to cost me. I know over time they should come out about the same. But for our budget I would like to see what this cost me a month. So decision delayed a bit longer, but I feel I can’t wrong either way. From here it’s all about the $$.

It is so hard to decide! I have learned not to wait around for what the pump companies are promising “soon”. Cause soon could be 10 years and by then your pump warranty is already up. So I guess we have to decide based on what’s available now. But as you know, there’s pros and cons to each one.

You are so right. Basically for now I am choosing having the integrated cgm vs the “tubeless” pod since adding a cgm to the pod would mean having another thingy to keep around.