Still can't get Dexcom covered by UHC

Have a friend who works for Dexcom. He knows of my struggles with insurance and CGM. With the new Medicare decision, he told me to call either Dexcom or Liberty Medical. I called Dexcom first and was told they are not yet ready to work with Medicare people. Hope to be able to by late April. Was told to call Liberty. I was told by Liberty that they can only work with people on traditional Medicare. Since I have an Advantage plan through UHC, I need to go directly to my insurance. And UHC told me they don’t cover CGM’s. So I still can’t get coverage.

I was wondering if anyone had new personal reports on this.


My company switched to United Health Care this year it was a very bumpy ride. However, with the help of my HR person here we were able to get Dexcom CGM approved. We also asked for a company wide exception for OmniPod. (UHC has a new ‘law’ that states they only cover Medtronic).

It required a lot of back and forth, but if you work with your HR you may have some luck.

CGM is no longer a “nice to have”. It’s an absolute requirement for diabetics, just as is insulin.


Not sure if this is about UHC + medicare or just UHC. For me, if I had a T1 diagnosis, then UHC would have covered my Dexcom, but as a T2 (even on insulin and a pump), they cover none of it, and paying cash for it doesn’t even count against my deductible.

UHC covered ours without so much as a blink. I’d work with my endo or CDE to make sure your authorization request is completely in order.