Still hanging in there

The trouble with thinking you have got over the cold/flu is you get a false sense of security waking up feeling great for the first time in a couple of weeks just goes to show how wrong you can be, I woke up at 5am let the cat out made a cup of tea checked my emails 92 spam sat down read my magazine my son gave me last night and totally forgot the past 2 weeks of not being able to get out of bed.

It is now just after 10am damp and dark outside not nice to say the least and I do not feel too good sweating again sneezing and feeling totally sorry for myself, the wife has gone shopping with our eldest daughter they went early to avoid the mad rush that you get in the Telford Town Centre especially the ASDA.

Taken my morning medication all 10 tablets used my inhaler taken another antibiotic so drugged up to the eyes, wishing I could walk the Inca trail in Peru this is one of my dreams, yes I still have dreams even at 62 years of age, the walking part might not be a good idea as I get out of puff climbing our stairs to go to bed but dream I must.

At 25 with 5 children 3 girls 2 boys my wife and I had our arms full raising the babes the eldest being 6 years old no free flat no social in those days it was a struggle to say the least but we managed I use to work 12 hours a day and have no idea how sheila that’s my wife managed without much help from family or anyone else we vowed one day we would have a better life and after 40 years of marriage we finally have a house a car the wife has a good job me I have a bit of pension to put to the pot but we get by.

One of the wife’s dreams was to visit New York and walk through Central park which we did 4 years ago thanks to our kids we had a great time and I could see the excitement in my wife’s eyes as we sat on a bench by the lake in central park, so dreams can come true, if you wish hard and long enough.

I keep a daily diary well most days I hope our kids will read it one day to see the tough life sheila and I had bringing them up not looking for medals if you have kids it is your responsibility to do the best for them even if they drive you insane sometimes,what I am trying to say life is wonderful the road may be rocky and you might get knocked down a few times but if you stick at it you can find the end of the rainbow right in front of you.

What a wonderful post.

Hope you’re feeling better soon. Hope you do get to walk the Inca Trail.