Stopping Statins and rebound high cholesterol

I recently decided to stop taking Zocor. I don't even remember having cholesterol problems when I started taking it, just doing it because my MD at the time said I needed to. I have been off completely for about 3 weeks and had levels checked yesterday and was quite surprised even though I knew there could/would be a bump or rebound.

on Zocor 6 months ago chol 131, LDL 80, HDL 57, Trig 50
Now off Zocor chol 224, LDL 147, HDL 59, Trig 80

I know the LDL and total chol is too high and I can definately see where I can make some dietary changes.

I probably won't talk to the doc til next week when she receives the results and I already know what she will say, back on the Zocor.... you're a diabetic!
Have any of you experienced this bump and has it leveled out over time? if so how long?

The big question is why did you stop the statins to begin with ? My endo had me on lipitor preventatively and I had no issues with it, then the insurance company got involved and said they would only pay for simvastatin not lipitor, so I figured fine I'll switch. While most doctors will say a statin is a statin, I have not found that to be true. I found simvastatin gave me far more muscle pain, cramps etc where I never had that with lipitor. Last time I saw my endo I told him about this and he said he didn't have a problem with me stopping the statin, my PCP on the other hand was insistent that statins preserve and prevent heart issues, so she changed the rx to generic lipitor. My last numbers on simvastatin were chol 163, LDL 83, HDL 72, TRIG 50. I have also found my muscle cramps etc have pretty much resolved.

I stopped because of all of the research I've read about the side effects and how I could see that some of my major complaints could be associated with the med. When I started it 5 years ago, I wasn't as proactive in my care or questioned things as much as I do now. Back then, I used to think that the if there was something that would help me live longer I'll take it, not caring about how it made me feel.Now I want to make sure I need something before I take it and not just because I'm a "diabetic" or because big pharma has convinced the medical community that it is the thing to do. I had originally tried Lipitor but was having the leg pain and cramps and then switched to Zocor after that.

I quit my statin a few months ago. It just made me weird. Memory loss, confusion, starting a sentence and not being able to finish without pausing and thinking. Once I realized that was the statin I stopped immediately. The day I stopped I became much more clear headed. Now I take high dose pharmaceutically distilled fish oil for the anti-inflammatory effect and the beneficial triglyceride effect. My LDL went up to the 120’s and my HDL is now over 60. My LDL is higher than recommended for a diabetic but fine for a normal person and there is a protective HDL effect for being over 60. I will take my chances with a barely too high LDL over living on the statin like that. In my humble opinion, there was something about the statin that was unnatural and made my body malfunction. Your body needs cholesterol to live and function. Too much is clearly bad, but too little is probably bad also. Again, just my opinion.

Im not one for these "preventive" meds. My endo has reviewed all my labs, says I do NOT need a low dose statin or an ACE inhibitor. I think if you have additional risk factors on top of diabetes, yes I might be inclined to say they are good ideas, but meds just for the sake of poppping pills when there is no indication that I need them. NOPE not going to do it. I'd try some dietary changes and get some additional exercise and see what your numbers are doing then..these statins are NOT without risks themselves, and I wouldn't be taking it just because.

What had you eaten the night before your blood work? Maybe something high in fat bumped your #'s up. I went off statins because of hearing the negatives but my doc convinced me to go back on when my lipids over reacted to a Sunday dinner the night before .....still nervous about them, though.

Have you them rechecked again making sure it wasn't after a Sunday night dinner? were they still elevated?

I haven't. Maybe before my next lab work I'll try going off the Lipitor for a few weeks and eat a more normal healthy diet. I do take krill oil and would love to see my #'s in a less scary range without drugs..

I was routinely supplied with cholesterol and blood pressure medication when I was diagnosed with T2D. I refused to take them until I knew for myself if I actually had a problem that required them. Got into an argument in the hospital with a doctor from Pakistan who answered my question, "Why do I need to take these?" by insisting I had to do what he said because HE was the doctor. When I finally had a cholesterol test, it was 123. Did not need pills. I have chronically low blood pressure everywhere except the doctor's office, BP pills could kill me. I'd read Peter Attia's blog about cholesterol before I'd take pills, it really helps you understand whether or not you need them.

Don't you just love that one because I AM the Doctor. I SAY SO. Like I said above if I had other risk factors in addition to being diabetic, I'd certainly at least consider it, BUT, in my opinion, taking drugs just BECAUSE I'm diabetic, with no additional risk factors to me doesn't make sense.

I appreciate all of your replies! Are any of you low carb? I guess thats my biggest issue right now in making the decision to stay off it. I could eat less fat but the low carb keeps my numbers good...last Aic 7.1 lowest ever. But as you know, you can't really low carb and low fat. Hmmmm....what to do?

Im not super low carb. I try to watch how many I eat, BUT I dont necessarily say ok I can only have 10 grams per meal. Most meals are probably around 30-40 grams of carbs. I tend to watch serving sizes more than anything. Eat, and be done, not go back for seconds.

Eating fat will not raise your cholesterol. That is a myth. A low carb diet filled with whole foods has benefitted the cholesterol profile of many patients with diabetes. Also, losing weight and exercising (specifically weight training and sprinting) will make a big difference. Also, there is a correlation between blood sugars being high and a bad cholesterol profile. When the sugars get better the cholesterol improves. Homeostasis, my friend.

your body becomes accustomed to the statin. My doc put me on statins too and i never needed them until I went off. After about 3 months off them My cholesterol and HDL returned to normal. I was having bowel troubles for months, all along my doc told me that statins could never cause that. Of course all the trouble stopped when I stopped taking them while I was on vacation and forgot to bring them.
I realized I never needed them. My last Results before statins was
CHOL 174, HDL 65 and ldl 90.

My doctor argues with me every time I go it. HE tells me that numbers need to be lower for diabetics than regular people. Well I'm just going to see how I do.
The research is unclear anyway

My latest results are
CHOL 159
HDL 72
LDL 84

I know that it is more about the ratio of hld to ldl more than the actual numbers.
Cardio exercise is the key to keeping that ratio good.

My endo prescribed a statin for me early last year and I never got the prescription filled. My LDL was a little high, but after I started watching what I ate and getting more exercise, the number started dropping. When I was back for a check-up about 6 months later, he was surprised to learn that I wasn't taking his nasty old pills. He said, "Can I ask why not?" with this attitude that, like has been mentioned, intimated that since HE is the doctor, I know NOTHING. Whatever. And I told him that there hasn't been ONE. SINGLE. STUDY. done on the effects of statins on people my age (female, under 30) and that I had already proved to him that I could do what needed to be done without them. Needless to say, that visit ended badly and I haven't been back.

Did you all know that the standards for high cholesterol have been lowered recently? This will cause more people to be on meds that don't necessarily need to be.

Cholesterol is good for your body! Fake "supplements" and chemicals being dosed into you every day are not!