Stories of people getting a new pancreas and becoming diabetic free

Last night I was looking threw some of those yutube videos .I came across 2 that were about a type 1 diabetic getting a double transplant kidney/pancreas. I am aware that they only do pancreas transplants if the kidneys are failing too .This is the part that annoys me why would I have to wait until I’m so bad off and undergo suffering just to qualify for the cure? The video I found was about a girl that looked no older than 18 and she explained how her kidneys were failing first !

There are memebers who’ve had a pancreas transplant & hope they’ll reply to your discussion. Maybe it’s because we can live without a pancreas, but not without kidneys. There are few donors & it’s an incredibly expensive & risky procedure. A transplant means taking immune-suppressant drugs for life. It’s also not always a cure.