Strange Pumping Experience

It’s no big deal, but just curious about this. Last night when I tested 4 hours after dinner (I’m on Symlin so that’s when I test for spikes) I was at 204. I’d eaten potatoes and cheese for dinner, so though the carb count was only 26 I wasn’t surprised I’d spiked. So I did a 2 unit correction. Then I looked at my pump as I was changing clothes and saw some blood in the canula. I did a .05 bolus and the blood didn’t go away so I realized my high was probably from blocked tubing. I took the set out and it was a gusher. Such fun! As I was changing the set I was trying to decide if I should consider that 2 unit wasted and correct again. It took awhile because I had another set problem. So it was 1/2 hour after my correction when I decided to test again and decide about another bolus. I was at 113! I never come down that quickly from a bolus! I watched and was 106 before bedtime so all was right in my diabetic world. So what happened to make me come down that fast? Did the insulin get absorbed when I let lose all the blood below the surface? Just curious.

Aren’t those gushers lovely? So thankful I have only had about two in ten years. And the key is to cover the site quickly with a tissue. My CDE friend and I have discussed how some folks just stand there unprepared and watch it go all over.

Now I would say the high was from the site not being good, and once you fixed it you fixed it.
I have lower BG every site change, and when you removed the problem of the bad site, I think it just released everything.

It could have gone directly in to your blood stream… thus more effective.

Let’s just say the logistics of getting dressed made it hard to get the tissue on the site quickly enough…lol

That makes total sense, Katsz. That would be the only thing that could make blood sugar go down nearly 100 points in 1/2 hour. Actually, now that I think about it, the drop was my ISF factor, to the dot! Whew, increased respect for those people who have mentioned intentionally doing IV insulin - well, maybe respect isn’t exactly the right word…lol. Thanks for the explanation.


At least we can’t say having Type 1 Diabetes is ever dull!

My son has had a bleeder before that just seemed to work soo good that he didn’t want to change it… we assumed it was pretty much in the vein…so it was super effective.
Some areas are soooo slow for him because has some stretch marks on his stomach from when he was much bigger…

What’s weird is that it wasn’t working that well until after I pulled it out! So either I had pushed the canula just enough to push it into a blood vessel, which is why I saw the blood in the canula. Or else pulling the set out allowed insulin trapped under the skin to flow into a vein.

OK, I have to admit I have fear of gushers.
Have for ten years, and probably only encountered two.

They are a tad startling…all that blood! This was actually my second in only 6 months on my pump…hey, 6 months today, actually! Happy pump day to me!

Hapy Pumping to you , miss Zoe I am .glad you got the gusher stopped an the blood sugar down

God bless,

Happy PumpAniversary!

Thanks, you two! It seems natural now, like I’ve been on a pump longer than that. It was a pretty steep learning curve and seems as soon as I finished that I started working on Symlin dosing. Guess all this learning new things is good Alzheimer’s prevention!

I have a friend in Guatemala who calls me “miss Zoe”, Brunetta. I really like it!