Study Finds Harm in Low Carbohydrate Diets

Many diabetics seek to control blood sugar levels more conveniently by following a low-carbohydrate diet, though a recent study suggests this may carry some risks, especially if a high-protein diet is attempted as a substitute:

Sara Seidelmann, et al., “Dietary Carbohydrate Intake and Mortality,” The Lancet, August 16, 2018:

“Our findings suggest a negative long-term association between life expectancy and both low carbohydrate and high carbohydrate diets when food sources are not taken into account. These data also provide further evidence that animal-based low carbohydrate diets should be discouraged. Alternatively, when restricting carbohydrate intake, replacement of carbohydrates with predominantly plant-based fats and proteins could be considered as a long-term approach to promote healthy ageing.”

Since our ancestors followed a hunter-gatherer diet for almost two million years, with the predominant source of calories being things which could be picked off of trees or rooted up from the ground, and with meat being a rare treat when it could be tracked down and caught, we obviously evolved to handle this kind of consumption pattern, so it should not be surprising that departing from this increases the mortality risk.

Always like the phrases: Might, may carry, and probably.


Exactly what I do, and works great ! Lower carb, selectively choosing and dosing for carbs can be done.

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Same. Low-carb does not have to be full of bacon, sausage, deli, and other processed meat. I avoid all of those (except on rare occasions) when eating low-carb and also cannot eat dairy or eggs. I do eat chicken, salmon, and occasionally beef.


I think the problem is Americans are fed an Uber carb diet. You have to watch the carbs. 80 grams in a 12 ounce beverage. Yeah no drink water instead

I had the privilege to spend some quality time with our favorite Terry4 over the weekend. The really cool thing is you can talk about a lot of stuff and not always agree but are open to listening to a different way.
But on the low carb topic. Terry is one you does low carb and I have always been of the mindset, I love my carbs too much and don’t want to give up. But in our lively conversations, I came to realize most days, I am kinda low carb! Most of my meals are around 40grams. But I am not “religious “ about it. I have no problem having 140 grams in a meal. Just a little more creamy with pre bolus or extended bolus. It really is how you think about low carb. So in some peoples thinking I am low carb and in some i’m not. It’s just what works for you!
So enjoy whatever works for you!

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