Sudden Decrease in Insulin Requirements- What is going on?

Hi- I am new here and hope I can get some insight from others…
I am a Type 1 and wear a pump. Every few months there are a couple of days where I have extreme difficulty keeping my blood sugars UP. I’m not changing basal rates…diet…activity or stacking. I’ve reached out to my Endo who hasn’t been much help. She checked my thyroid level (I have hashimoto’s thryoiditis) and they came back normal. In fact…even though I have the dx of hashimoto’s every time I’ve had my levels checked they’ve come back okay. The only advice I get is to reduce my basal rates. I think that’s a band-aid. My difficulity is…during this time my body reacts so differently to insulin that it’s really difficult to know how much to reduce my basals and boluses. I’m almost guessing.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? Thanks very much!!!

last year i had a few months where 13 units of lantus worked great for me, then 11 units, then i was going low with 6 units. now i take 4 units and stopped having unexpected lows. i’ve been doing really well at this dose for 4 months now, and my lantus expense has dropped 70% :slight_smile:

I’m becoming very frustrated because one day everything is fine and then something “switches” and I’m having constant hypoglycemia. Thanks for the reply.

when you say your thyroid levels are ‘fine’…do you mean they are within ‘normal’ range? the range is HUGE. you could be higher or lower WITHIN the range and its effecting your insulin needs.

i have graves…another auto-immune thyroid disease…and notice if i am not really good about taking my meds at the same time each day that my insulin needs fluctuate (wildly).

just keep testing…more often if necessary.

The only times I’ve experienced this is when I’ve lost weight. Any changes going on with your weight?

The last time I had my thyroid levels checked they were right in the middle of the WNL range. I don’t know a lot about the thyroid but must admit I have wondered if they’re fluctuating occasionally between my blood draws.

No changes with my weight…

Hormones effect my insulin needs bigtime

when you switch from teen to adult insulin requirements drop a lot…don’t know your age but yeah anyway just throwing that out there. Stressed? Any lifestyle changes at all? Its frustrating/ scary I just went through a bunch of scary lows that would just come out of nowhere. I was always low. It may be a little annoying but you might want to consider keeping a BGL, carb, insulin, activity, & mood journal for 3ish days. It drove me nuts but I was able to pick up on some stuff that I hadn’t considered significant before. Hang in there :smiley:

Yes! yes! yes! I will go weeks just fine, then suddenly I can’t keep it up no matter what. Then all of a sudden it’s in the 200’s and I can’t get it down. Then suddenly my night time goes way down and I’m eating all night long trying to keep it up then one day it’s at 200 all night long.
WTF!!! I’m going to ask my Endo about this next week. I also find at least when I was on shots, that I have a drastic change every fall and spring for no apparent reason. I’m new on the pump so we’ll see.
I’m sure it’s always been like this but because I’m now on a CGM I just notice it and I’m sure it happens with everyone. I’ve decided that hormones, weather, stress, eating, activity, moons, allergies, what I watch on TV, and am I happy today all have an effect! Aaaaaacckkkk!!!

I was actually just going to post a topic similar to this. I have been having a lot of lows lately that I had not had before. When I started working again (about a month and a half ago), my bloodsugars were all over the place. This was somewhat expected. Right after work, my bloodsugars go low. I lowered my basal a little and they still go low. I lowered it a little more and it still goes low. Just yesterday, my bloodsugar was 48 when I got home from work. I lowered my basal at that time of day to .4 (which is so low! it was originally .7 at the beginning of all this). Today when I got home, my bloodsugar was 28!!! I do not understand what is going on. I am thankful that I was still coherent and didn’t pass out on my way home. :frowning:

I wish I could say I recently switched from teen to adult insulin requirements :wink: but I like the idea of keeping a journal. Thanks

This is identical to what I’m going through!! If you can let me know what your Endo says I’d appreciate it. I don’t see mine until mid-May. I’m starting on the Dexcom CGM in a few weeks so at least I won’t need to wake up every 1-2 hours overnight to check my bs. Between my bs being up and down and testing all the time I am exhausted!!
Good luck!

Glad you’re okay. Low blood sugars are scary. My lowest has been 35 and luckily my husband was able to help me. So many things go into low bs but when I called the Endo on Monday her nurse told me to make sure I’m eating protein with every meal. She ended the conversation with “protein…protein…protein.” I powered down some cheese after that :slight_smile:

I see my Endo on the 26th , I’ll let you know what he says.

Isn’t this normal that things change unpredictably.

It took me a few years to figure out my BG rises about 4 days before my period starts, then goes back to normal. So now I just change to a basal rate about 20% higher. I have read that a lot of women experience the opposite-higher BG readings. Maybe that could be it?

I’m sure it is. Like I said everything and anything can effect it.

I’ve been diabetic a long time and have experienced fluctuations but never like this (with the exception of my honeymoon). On Friday everything was great…basals and boluses (I:C) were working and then Saturday everything changed and I had constant hypoglycemia. I had to make major changes and now today…I am back to where I was on Friday. I’m back to my old basals/boluses. Like I said this happens for a few days every 3 months or so.

It certainly could be. I need to do a better job of tracking that along with my bs.