Suggestions for ordering in Chinese restaurant? My family wants Chinese!

I would like to accommodate my family’s desire to dine out for Chinese. I wonder if anyone out there has discovered good menu selection options?

You would have to go High protein low carb. Just my opinion. I went to a Japanese restaurant and ordered teriyaki salad.

Thank you-- hope your Japanese meal agreed with you!

Our “local” has steamed fish and dim sum-sized stir-fried veggies on their menu. They will also make the noodle soups with more veg and less noodles. I love the dumplings but they are very carb-rich so I never have more than 1 anymore (if that). Otherwise I make sure to order a dish with lots of veggies, avoid sweet sauces, and severely limit the amount of rice I eat (and even bring a 1/3 measuring cup to dinner). Happy dining!

Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

Avoid the noodles and rice, avoid sauces and order spicy. Nobody adds sugar to a spicy dish it is just a waste of sugar.

On of my favorite meals starts with hot and sour soup and ends with a half of a crispy duck.

Egg foo yung can be low carb if the sauce is served on the side. It’s basically a wok-fried omelette with a brown sauce.

That seems intuitively right but a great many restaurants do it anyway. I have ordered Kung Pao Chicken, requested it extra hot, and could still easily taste the sugar.

Many Chinese restaurants—especially if you are a regular and they know you—will happily omit the sugar from any dish if you ask them to. I have had good luck doing that.

Good to know. I’ll start with hot and sour soup tonight!

And…I won’t be shy about requesting that they leave out the sugar!

Kung pao chicken with no sugar is one of my favorite meals. As long as your server is fluent in Englidh, this works out well.

Yum! That sounds good to me!

That’s probably the toughest ethnic food to work out! If you’re up for fast Chinese, Panda Express has the Panda Bowl that you can order with green veggies and string bean chicken or broccoli beef, both are delicious.

At a normal Chinese restaurant, I usually get Almond Chicken, Broccoli Beef, or Shrimp w/Cream Sauce. Just a small spoonful of rice, not too much. .

I can’t eat any of that food now due to reflux anyway but I haven’t eaten chinese food in years. I made my own kung pau chicken 2 years ago maybe and it spiked me to above 200. No rice, made without sugar etc. Still not good. I made it without pepper too I think. I just won’t/can’t eat that food anymore. If I’m ever cured or if the artificial pancreas is as good as they say it is who knows, maybe Chinese food will be in my future but only very occasionally and probably made by me.

Try lettuce wraps, but be sure to account for the protein hitting a couple hours later.

So many good suggestions from kindred type1 folk. Thanks to you all! On Sunday I had vegetable egg foo young and did very well!


Don’t be afraid to ask the waitress/ waiter for help. I have found them to be soooo willing to go out of their way when they know there’s a special situation. It’s almost like it’s a break from the regular routine of their work. They brighten up and take interest.