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Please Read my Post for the details. I need you help to win the chess game.
Suicidal Ideation Prompts Blog

Wow! That’s hairy! I have done all sorts of crazy stuff but I don’t ever recall not taking insulin. When I’m like ‘did I shoot up or didn’t I?’ I will just blast away again and eat more if I crash. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed. I was kind of drifting and aimless. totally into bacon cheeseburgers witht the guys when I hit my mid-30s.

Then I got totally insane and started the Tae Kwon Do classes that helped me turn it around, mostly by having something interesting and entertaining to do and a really supportive group and a very supportive family who indulged me being gone, sweaty, etc. for long periods of 3 years or so? They went too but weren’t quite into it as much. Maybe that’s not your thing but excercise, despite it’s perils for people w/ diabetes, also has extraordinary benefits for mental health. One of my TKD buddies did a psych experiment showing that kids who walk out in a park do better than kids who don’t on math tests. I don’t compare myself to you guys that much, I compare myself to my peers @ work, socially, etc. (which isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of really fit people here who would run me into the ground…) Some 20 year old blows by me on a bike, I’ll try to run with him/ her for a while and maybe I can keep up with them and maybe I can’t but it’s trying that gets the good feelings for me. At the same time, I can still remember when I started, just walking b/c I was really out of shape and seeing an older lady in a walker, I dunno what happened but she was out in all kinds of ■■■■■■ weather, snow, rain, heat, doing laps of the neighborhood with her walker. I dunno if she even had a type but, over the years when I transitioned to running I’d still see her out doing her thing. I think she looked livlier, whatever medical stuff she had. Try something that can help you more than stopping taking insulin? Although if you work out, read up on cutting back!! I dunno, I hope I’m not totally cheesy but that’s what I am.

Thanks Acid, I think I went a little bonkers cause I havne’t been bale to do Muay Thai on like three months, busted ribs, took waytoo long to heel. Other thinkgs as well, but I do agree I need to keep physical, as this is great for the mood hormones, endorphines, seratonin etc. Thanks for your kind words. Trev

Have you ever tried taking a relaxation class? Sounds like you’re stressing yourself out a lot lately. Spend some time to relax daily and you’ll feel better. If you need some suggestions for how to relax, let me know. Stress will not help your blood sugars at all. When I get depressed, I find comfort in prayer. It also helps me relax.

Have you read the Diabetes Burnout book by Dr. Polonsky? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it.

This stuff (life with diabetes) gets to us, no matter how good we are about it and how long we’ve had it w/o it affecting our mental health.

The chess game, as you well know, lasts our entire life. You have a long one ahead of you for yourself and your children. You can count on us, man.

No haven’t but I will put it on the list for sure.
Hey, wanted to thanks you for your suypport. I love Tudiabetes it ahs really helped me immensely in the last few months since joining. It inspires me me to know I am not alone in this.

A sincere thanks man.