Are there really any supplement / herbs that help lover blood sugar?

Sister: I have found some that have helped me, but you need to understand that our Common Scourge is very individual. They may not help you.

Plus, they will not help at all if you can't moderate your carb intake and get a little exercise. That is the only common denominator. There are many sources of help in those 2 areas. After 7 years, eating lo-carb is a delight and even with fibromyalgia and arthritis, I walk or garden or otherwise manage to get moving 50-90 minutes/day.

Anyway: here are a few that have helped me: Gymnema, Nopal powder and fenugreek. Just like with a new prescription med, you need to try them 1 at a time and register how you feel. If there is an immediate reaction of digestive distress or any other thing, then stop---there's probably an allergy......Be safe. Be careful. Be hopeful.....And keep us posted...Blessings...Judith in Portland...

Thank you Judith!!

Hi Sister! My feedback is similar to Judiths. I tried Natures Made Diabetes Pack, Completia and Glucerna. Those were ok. More recently I've been on CinnaLife for about 4 months. Now this one has shown me noticeable results. I'm always really skeptical about supplements because for the most part they are just filled with a lot of nothing :( plus buying online scares the be-jesus out of me, but this company actually had the supplement facts panel on the page and hides nothing. I printed it, took it to my endo and he seemed pretty happy with all the ingredients, specifically b/c of my lack of energy and the pain in my feet. It had a lot of ingredients catered specific to that and other diabetic boo boo's. I had a few questions and emailed them and they responded really fast which I thought was great. I agree with Judith in that whatever you try do it one at a time, thats what I did with the ones I previously mentioned, but after trying this one it was by far the best one. My A1C went from 6.2 to now a 5.9 after about 4 months and I've lost like 8 lbs. But again, that's MY experience, I have also cut back a bit on carbs and started walking, but I used to walk before and I didn't see the changes like I have now, I'm just trying to do everything together, not in bits and pieces. if you wanna take a look or show it to your doctor the website is if I'm not mistaken. Good luck!

Thank you so much