Symlin and basal rates

I am currently struggling with symlin and my basal rates. It seems about 2 - 3 hours after I eat there is not enough insulin in the world to keep my blood sugar down (and this is with the symlin). It’s great for about 1 hour to 1.5 hours and then I’ve got my basal running full steam ahead. Anyone else running into this problem?

I’m bolusing over an hour - typically to avoid the severe hypoglycemia during the meal, but then afterwards it’s like I never had any insulin at all?!

My guess is that you’re going hypoglycemic and your liver is pouring out its own glucose to save you.
Sounds like you need to ask your CDE or Endo for close followup, like immediately. Best wishes. I’ve been through it and know it’s awful to go through. Keep us informed on what you end up doing.
Stop bolusing! Did you cut your insulin dose to 1/2? Did you cut your basal?
Write down exactly what you gave and when in relation to the meal and Symlin.
What basal was in you? Call him/her up and describe exactly what’s happening.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought about my own body doing squat to help me out (like pouring out glucose). Guess I should have thought about that. I’m only on 45mcg of the symlin and am normally very sensitive to the insulin - but the liver glucose could be the reason why that’s not happening lately.

I’ve used Symlin for 3 years now with pretty good success. I typically spread my bolus over 2 hours, with a 15:85 split. I keep my spikes pretty controlled this way. I’m at 20 units per meal.

Sometimes I’ll dip low for a short while, but I try not to adjust because it always rises in about 20 minutes.

It doesn’t work very well with high fat meals. And I always balance protein and carb.