T:slim 3ml cartridge: has anyone disassembled one?

… before I get out the Dremel,… because this inquiring mind would like to know, has any of the comunity disassembled the t:slim 3ml cartridge & have photos?

I have, but didn’t take pictures. This inquiring mind also resorted to a Dremel.

Don’t waste your time. There is absolutely nothing to see. It’s just a plastic bag thatconnects to the little dosing chamber you can already see at the top of the cartridge.

It’s kind of cool. The pump valve is in there. And the reservoir is a plastic bag.
I saw a diagram of it in some of the literature but I can’t remember where I saw that.
If you prime with the cartridge out u can see how the motor just goes up and down and the actual valve is in the cartridge.
They just need a window.

Someone did open one up and posted pics of it about 12 months ago on this forum. Not sure what one would search for. I had threatened to take a hammer to one and he preempted me.

While this is not an actual cut-open cartridge, @Tim35 posted a YouTube video that schematically shows the “shuttle” that is, I think in each cartridge that is driven back and forth by the pump:

While this isn’t as good as a real picture, it gives you a pretty good idea of how the pump and cartridges work.

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@John_S2, thank-you soo much for that referenced link; that is sufficient, actually better, than the Dremel approach to give me a better look & explain the operation for this inquiring mind.

This is a 4.8ml T-Flex cartridge cut open, other than it larger size it is the same. All you can really see is the plastic bag inside which I have lifted up for better viewing.

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Excellent! Thank-you…