T:slim x2 Dexcom CGM transmitter

Question. In reading on the thoughts, theories, etc. o nthe newer Dexcom G6 CGM line, was curious. Does the x:slim x2 today stop at day 90 of the transmitter and cease to operate or does it warn/nag and continue? Still using vibe and contemplating on making move to t:slim x2 when it’s time.

The Tandem t:slim X2 when used integrated with the Dexcom G5 Transmitter has exactly the same transmitter warnings and stop date as does the Dexcom Receiver and the Dexcom G5 Mobile App.

3 months and 3 weeks. Max. Stop.

I believe the timer is on the transmitter and the pump, receiver and app simply pick up the timer data and act upon it.


Now if only Tandem would integrate the Xdrip platform on the X2 pump… (Dr. Evil laugh)


ha ha ha - That’s funny.


Wow. The +3 weeks is an added bonus. It’s been a while since I used a receiver but last I recall, once it reached 3 months that was it, it would cease to function with that transmitter. Yes you’re right that the transmitter only stores it’s “alive time” in the unit itself and the receiver(s), pump(s), etc. read from that (change receivers and it follows). Was curious if Tandem enforced it or not. Thanks.

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