T1: Autoimmunity, Genetics, Other

Just skimmed through a study published late last year in the Journal of Autoimmune Diseases in which an assay was done for GADA and IA2A antibodies: Islet cell autoantibodies in African patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in Dar es Salaam Tanzania: a cross sectional study

Based on the results and the descriptions of the authors, it sounds as if there may be multiple etiologies for “T1 (non-LADA)” – not all of which are autoimmune or genetic.

I know folk here and on Diabetic Rockstar have talked about virus-initiated presentation. Are there other pathways yet? Is T1 possibly a catchalll description of multiple different insulin-deficiency disorders rather than a single “disease/condition” (much like T2 appears to be a catchall of several distinct glucose metabolism disorders, and MODY is a collection of distinct monogenetic glucose metabolism disorders)?

More importantly, if there are multiple types of “T1”, are there folk who relate better to one set of insulins than another?