T1, hereditary

I am not new to diabetes. i have had it since 1953. I am T1, as are/were my brothers and cousin. We are an odd family. In our situation, diabetes, is hereditary.

In my family, it skipped a generation and I was the only one in my generation to have it. My maternal grandmother also had T1

I was diagnosed in 1980, about 5 years after my brother. My 8 year old nephew was diagnosed last year. There’s clearly a hereditary link to T1.

I also think there is a link. My grandfather and his brother were both T1. Luckily I am the only one of my generation of cousins to be dx.

I grew up in a small town of about 7,000. In the four years of high school there were about a dozen of T1s. A few sibling sets among us.

I have numerous great uncles with t1 and my maternal great grandma was type 1. we just found out my dad has an auto immune disorder though they are still trying to identify it but it isnt t1. and my aunt has CD

I posted this response before…well here it goes. I was told my paternal side has D. Not sure how far back since I was adopted and never knew birth parents or family.

Though not in my nuclear family (as of yet), my extended family on my father’s side has Type 1’s (some cousins)… and LOT of Type 2’s… People just assumed only the males got it… cus well, only the males had got it so far… Until I came along. Female, and Type 2. I don’t want to pass on these genes to anyone. :confused:

My Mother’s parents died when she was young (long before my brothers, sisters and I were born), but my Father’s side has no diabetes in it… just cancer :frowning:

I was diagnosed in 1972 at the ripe old age of 4, and my younger brother was diagnosed in 1981 at the age of eight (he also has a learning disability which makes taking care of his diabetes almost impossible).

Recently, 2 of my relatives (an aunt and an uncle) on my Mother’s side of the family have been diagnosed with Type 2. Looks like it may have come from Mom’s side. I would love to become involved in a genetic study that can follow the hereditary links through a family. Since I am now my Brother’s guardian, I believe I can convince him to give some extra blood for a research project. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find one. Even if I never see a cure in my lifetime, I would really like to be able to contribute research towards identifying those most at risk and getting them to being “fast-tracked” towards a future vaccine.

If anyone knows of a research project that looks at hereditary links to diabetes among family members, I would appreciate a link.

JDRF has clinical trials and there are also other clinical trials. Type in which ever search engine you use clinical trials for diabetes type 1 or 2.