T1Ds, what time of the day works best for you?

T1Ds who do intense exercise, what time of the day works best for you?

For me is it the early morning hours, before my first bolus, when I can avoid drops and manage the +40 min. run.

Exercising in the morning, even not intensely, sends me very high probably as an extension of dawn phenonmenon. Late afternoon/early evening works best for me.

I find exercising in the morning to be best, for many reasons. It is easier to manage my blood sugar then–in the afternoon, it is too easy to go low due to my greater insulin sensitivity then. Plus I am a morning person, so I am high energy then, and the exercise is done and no excuses get in the way!

Same here… I used to try to get out on my bike before my DH went to work, and I had a heck of a time managing my numbers that way. I tend to go higher after working out, and doing it during my MOST insulin resistant part of the day left me chasing highs the rest of the day…

I hear ya. Mornings would be the most convenient time, but the highs aren’t fun. Once took a long walk an hour or so after breakfast, left the house at a great 110 & came home to over 200.

I think every T1D is different. For me, I always found first thing in the a.m. the best but often times d/t my work schedule, it’s after 4 pm. I also try often to exercise at least 1/2 hr during my 1 hr lunch break. Here is what I’ve found no matter when I work out…I have post-exercise hyperglycemia! Finally, after having T1 for 27 yrs & being athletic my whole life, I figured out how to successfully curb the post-exercise hyperglycemia. Here’s a rough layout of my plan: 1) Test BG prior to exercise; 2) If it’s in the low 200’s or below, I disconnect & go do my jog/walk (usually no more than 1 1/2hrs); 3) Immediately test BG post-exercise; 4) If BG is btween 90-140, I give .5 units (yes, I’m on a pump) - If my BG is btween 140-190, I give .7 - 1.0 units (depending on the intensity of my workout (the greater the perceived exertion, the more I need to bolus); 5) Test BG each hour for at least 2 hrs post-exercise.

Overall, this plan has worked successfully for me. I’m able to curb highs post-exercise & end up requiring very little insulin. Yesterday is a fine example. I exercised probably a total of 2.5 miles jogged & 2.5 miles walked, required a daily total of 18.75 units of insulin and had a glucose average of 152 (this was a little higher than normal for me).

Good luck - and have fun trying what works best for you. =)

For me also first thing in the morning is best, before any bolus. Or at least 4 hours after any bolus later in the day.

I think that my post-breakfast numbers are better if I exercise in the morning.

There is a lot of good info getting posted. It is intresting hearing about how others manage exercise schedules, foods used and BGs.

My " serious " exercise is done after breakfast …when ever I have participated with Team Diabetes Canada marathons , it always has been in the morning ; there never was any doubt in my mind to do training at approx same time and have breakfast in me . Just starting with training for my May 1/2 M and for now with less breakfast bolus insulin ( .4 u from 3 u to 2.6 u ) . In a few more weeks : temp basal settings . I am open to reading, that others do their exercise before breakfast .

Kristin, are you on MDI or a Pump? If on the pump, do you make any temp basal adjustments based on the duration of the activity?

If I go past 30 min. I have to reduce my basal an hour before and bring it back right before the run. When I was biking 1.5+ hours a temp basal of 70% worked great, without a bolus <4 hours before the ride.

Your experience sounds vary similar to mine.

Good advice - with enough planning, and a little trial and error, nobody should go hyperglycemic after aerobic excercise.

What time of the day works best for you Joe?

I’m on the pump (MM722) and, yes, I also use temporary basal (though it depends on the type of exercise and my morning blood sugars).

In the winter, I do aerobics with weights for 25 minutes from home. In this case, my blood sugar doesn’t drop much and I don’t seem to need to decrease my basal unless I am near low.

When the ground isn’t covered in snow, I rollerblade for about 45 minutes and then I decrease my basal rate to 50% starting half an hour before I begin exercising and leaving it for one hour. I think actually need MORE insulin when I finish (maybe to make up for the lower basal earlier?). So when I am back, I give a small bolus that is the same amount as the basal I missed.

Yes, our experiences do sound similar :slight_smile:

I find it interesting that nobody talks whether their exercise in the morning is fasted or not. I have to presume that makes a huuuugge difference. Do you exercise in the morning after eating? Can anybody exercise in the morning fasted without hyperglycemia?

I exercise fasting. Before bolus. Before food. Before coffee. Before anything. :slight_smile:

Depends on what you mean by best… BS wise for me it works out best whenever I don’t have any active bolus on board not really dependen on time of day. I don’t usually go higher during exercise unless I start out higher and miscalculated the adjusted correction bolus…

If I do something new or go on a longer run (usually not as intense as a speed workout), I’ll eat something before hand if I’m lower (not necessarily hypo but too close for comfort). I always carry glucose tabs w/ me and will usually bring a meter to test partway. If I had a pump, I would probably work out a good temp basal setting rather than eating (unless I was hypo).

On a mental level, I prefer exercise in the early evening just after work, but before dinner when the lunch bolus has run out but also when I feel more ready to exercise and enjoy it more.

Before a bolus in the am is best for me with longer bike rides or runs. The rest of the day it is necessary to plan at least an hour ahead of time like Kristin. My TDD is <18u. When I’m in shape it is 16u and reduced basals throughout the day.