T2, fueling for 2+hr workouts and races, Superstarch

New to the site and happy to have found it. There are a number of resources for athletes I’ve learned about here that I hadn’t found on my own. I’ve been T2 for 4 1/2 years and completed 4 marathons and many other runs. My last was the best and I did ACCEL gels every 45 minutes. I have started a low carb diet and am not using the gels currently and after 90 mins or so I feel totally depleted. I saw a product called UCAN which claims to be a superstarch with a lower spike than gels and slow release of glucose which allows both fat burning and sugar burning. Two questions - 1) anybody familiar with low carb <50g/day and exercise; 2) has anybody used UCAN.

I can’t say I’ve used UCAN nor do I low carb and am T1 w/ a pump. I have tried gels and found that when I have used them, again for 10ish mile runs, I will end up spiking. Perhaps I need to run more?

I am trying to cut the number of carbs I’m “fueling” with partially because I have to look at what I can carry as I am exploring longer distances, as I’ve begun training for my first marathon. I still seem to use maybe 10-15G of carbs every 3-4 miles for what I would consider moderate distance runs of 10 or so miles? I’ve run 3 1/2 marathons and that’s what I’ve run into, pretty much running 20-36 miles/ week for a couple of years now. I seem to have smoother results if I have more smaller carbs and it also seems as if I’ve burnt a bit more recently, as it’s been very hot? I don’t keep a lot of notes, just sort of run by recollections. Usually the last few miles I also turn my temp basal off, running @ 100% The last race I felt really good

I think many runners use carbs as fuel for extended workouts. I don’t do endurance training of any kind, but I have done modest training under low carb in the past. My experience is that running at or near your aerobic threshold tends to demand glucose in preference to fat. And my experience was that lower paced exercise could be fueled entirely without carb supplementation. But that is the difficult tradeoff. Since I was using endurance exercise for losing weight at the time (I’ve since become convinced at a certain point endurance exercise won’t help), it did not seem useful to push faster and require carbs.

Unfortunately, there are few resources for T2 low carb athletes. Sheri Colberg has done extensive work for the insulin dependent athlete, but less for T2 and almost nothing with low carb. You might pose your question over at DESA. Perhaps there are some people there that might help. Another possibility is to ask some of the member of Team Type 2, eight members completed the Race Across Merica (3,000 miles).

Here's a study on ketogenic diets and physical performance I take away four things from it. 1. a properly constructed ketogenic diet can perform well in endurance type physical tasks but will under perform a higher carb diet in sprint type things. 2. The amount of energy derived from protein needs to be held to 15 to 20 %. 3. Sodium and potassium may need to be supplemented. 4. Several weeks of adaptation is needed before the metabolism can adapt to the diet change.

The study is an interesting read it discusses past studies as well as experience of traditional peoples eating a ketogenic diet. Perhaps it can give you some insight into fine tuning things.

Hi I’m a t2 runner/trigeek. I try to go w/ low carb as much as possible but somedays I’m better than others. after 90 min I start to take on fuel during long run/rides. I have used liquids like Infinit nutrition or sport jelly beans by jelly belly or these gels http://www.chocolateenergygel.com/ with some success. for long rides I have used bars like muscle milk. not familiar w/ UCAN but if it works fo ryou go with it

Thanks, bsc! I run at the AT +/- 5% after 30 min or so. I recently did a long bike ride (3.5hrs) at 14-16 mph and was never bothered. TT@ is a great idea.

What a wonderful study you recommended BadMoonT2. I just finished my 2nd week of low carb and if my results mirror the studies mentioned I should start feeling better during long workouts in the next couple of weeks. I have already boosted the electrolytes. I’ve been at 25-30% Protein and will have to consider dropping that some and increasing the fat again. Thanks for sharing your information

Joe, Infinit looks interesting. I ordered the UCAN and I’ll let you know if it helps extend that 90 minute threshold.