Take a licking and still Kicking ...Life as a Free Man

Well, for those of you who have read some of what I have endured, I appreciate all the words of encouragement along the way.

I have now officially been back into society for going on two months. Prior to that I was incarcerated in the Federal Penal system for what amounted to just about 4 years, I know it does not sound like a life sentence, but being a brittle type 1, some of the rigors obsolved in this battle at times seemed damn near impossible. There are many instances during those years where I felt that I would not live, not be able to overcome what had been put in front of me. Well after much duress, I have now somewhat planted my feet in the real world. I have taken advantage of my freedom, by spending much of my free time going through what should be typical protocol for us as diabetics. In the seemlessly endless list off doctors, from the eye doctor, to the foot doctor, the endo, the dental proceedings that I have went through not beinmg able to see a dentist for 39 months tooks it toll. I'm now gainfully employed, and never ever capitulating .I will continue to push forward with my health, and good signs come as a result. I have recently obtained my blood work and was very happy to get back a result of 6.4, which is amazing being I am using somewhat antequated medicines, but never the less pushing forward in all aspects of my life. I have re connected with what family has stood by my side, and surround myself with a very select few friends.

I am now looking into both going back to college to get my degree, as I had never completed that aspect of my life. Also I am in the process of opening an interent store on Ebay to try and generate a second income, and also looking into how I can volunteer some time giving back to the disease that we will inevitably have with us for the rest of our lives. I want everyone to know that during our lives, especially living with the trials and tribulations of diabetes, that it is easy to seem somewhat outnumbered, or the odds just not in your favor of being successful. I spend as much time as I can to leading a balanced healthy life, and feel so blessed, as we really do not really know what we appreciate or value until it is all stripped from us.

I can chalk up my time that I spent incarcerated as a learning experience, turning a very negative situation, into one of insightful spiritual, physical, and mental enlighenment.

I continue to have struggles in day to day life, but knowing I have come to, from where i have been , anything, and I mean anything is possible. Keep your heads high, as well as your spirits.


Adam a.k.a Magic

I wish you the best Adam!

Great job and keep up the hard work on the straight path and you will go far!

Way to go Adam!

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sounds like you have a plan and a healthy understanding of what’s important. Best of luck!

thanks for sharing that . u have a very positive outlook on life. best of luck to you

Best wishes to you. You will do well with your attitude.

With your support system at your side and obtaining new goals you may one day say : " life is good " …hang in Magic.

Hey Adam,

Way to go. You’ve got the right attitude.

What major are you looking at for your college degree? I’m an instructor, and if there’s something I can help you out with sometime, just let me know.