Take insulin during a marathon?

I have been debating if I should take a minimal amount of insulin during my marathon on 4/22. I sue an omnipod pump and will be wearing a dexcom cgm. During my long runs, I took no insulin but I'm wondering if I might feel a little more energetic with a minimal dose-maybe cutting my basal rate by 80% and taking carbs as necessary. My blood glucose almost always drops during the run. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks.

Conceptually, your body requires insulin to convert carbs to fuel. I've never run a marathon, but do several 100 mile bicycle rides every year. I do best, when exercising over 2 hours, with 50% basil and taking in carbs to balance 750 calories/hour. I feel the most energetic with BG about 150 and insulin available. Also, watch your heart rate monitor and if you can't maintain the normal rate your BG is going to drop. I get this indication before the CGM picks it up.

Copied this from http://www.savvyvegetarian.com/blog/health/dr-gabe-mirkinexercise-sugar-diabetes-insulin-diet

I'm afraid I might go low if I decrease by basal rate by only 50% but as long as I have carbs available I will try taking some insulin during the marathon. Thanks for your response. My marathon will be an experiment.

Sugar cannot enter resting muscles unless insulin is there to drive the sugar into muscles. However actively contacting muscles can draw sugar from the bloodstream without needing insulin. So during exercise, muscles can remove sugar from the bloodstream to prevent the extra sugar from damaging cells and being converted to fat. It also helps make insulin receptors on cells respond to insulin and push sugar into cells.