Talking about diabetes!

Talking about diabetes.
When talking about diabetes there are many different opinions.
We can keep talking about this until the cows come home! In my humble opinion it is a matter of caring about your health or forgetting about it.

I can’t forget about it, I do care. Doesn’t mean that I think every day of what may happen to me ultimately having diabetes or old age. Will be 80 next month with 50 years of diabetes type-1 first needle taken in 1960. So, I had a heart attack, a stroke had a heart pacer put in to keep on ticking , my bladder because of neuropathy didn’t warn me when to pee and so my bladder enlarged to the point that I now have to use a catheter to empty my bladder 5 times per day. Also take 5 times per day a needle with insulin a pump being out of the question. My skin won’t take the sticky tape and will cause ulcers.

Do I feel bad about all this? Like HELL! No, I could have been dead long time ago starting at age 14 under the German occupation and their try to kill people (did 20000) by keeping food away from the population in 1944-45 Hunger Winter. Yes I was very close to being on a visit to the pearly gates.

So, I have been very lucky in general to keep breathing. But one thing! Ever since I got my monitor to check my glucose, my so-called luck continued because of an as strict as possible control of my diabetes. I like my luck to continue… Like to be the first 100 year old diabetic in history of the condition.

Thank you for reading!


Forgot to say 1944-45 Hunger winter was in West Holland.


Thank you Dave, I thought they all left me…LOL.

JOHN. (Ben is out for lunch.)

I love reading your posts, Johnben! Very encouraging, and yes, you are right about there being worse things. It would be great if you become the first 100 yr old diabetic.

Yes, I know too about the 1944-1945 winter …Mom could not digest the tulip bulbs :frowning: …and we went stealing food from the barges , in the canal in front of our home . Were told by the farmers at 7.30 pm : too late to pick up items…8 pm was curfew time and home we went . I was 4 plus, my Brother 5 years older . Interesting we both have diabetes.

You have a great story and a great outlook! Thanks for sharing it.

Want you to be the first 100 year old diabetic, too!

We can learn from your awesome attitude.


Look forward to toasting you on your 100’th birthday :slight_smile:

all the best

Thank you friend, I be looking for you!


Amazing! And I have the nerve to complain! You give us all hope.