Tandem flashing light

Hello all. I posted in another thread that I got a replacement pump from tandem. It looks totally new. When I had Medtronic, they would give you a rebuilt one.

Anyway, I’m now noticing a flashing light on it at night. I’m pretty sure it never did this before.
It comes from the silver button. The surround is clear so the light can be seen.

Is this a new feature ? I really hate it and I can’t turn it off.
It reminds me of the old Bluetooth mouse. It blinks in the same pattern. At night I can see the ceiling flash green.
I used to have a case on it and I’m waiting for a new one.
That might have been blocking it on the old pump.

I must have an easy life if I have this to complain about huh.

There is nothing flashing on mine. Doesn’t it use up battery power at a fast rate? Why on earth would they have something flashing on it? Call and see what they say. If you have someone other than their Customer Service to contact, such as the trainer you had, I would call them rather than Customer Service.

Oops! Just did a search on “flashing light on Tandem x2” and came up with this:

Yep, they’ve always flashed, but depending on the case, you can’t see it. I don’t use a case, instead have a clip glued directly to the pump, so the flashes are more obvious.

Since I wear my pump between the breasts, I’ve been told I look like iron man, glowing in the center. It can actually shine through my shirts.

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Problem is , you can’t see it during the day and at night I’m trying to sleep.

I do think that the blinking light is super annoying. I think that the people who program these things don’t live with a spouse or even someone with diabetes who likes to sleep instead of seeing flashing lights,

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Thanks @Robyn_H for painting an illuminating picture of yourself LOL. What glue and clip to you use?

I use the Nite Ize hip clip. There’s quite a few Tandem user reviews and pictures. Mine is the second pump photo with the stone tile in the background.

The adhesive tape that comes with it is REALLY good, if you apply it according to directions. (Clean the application area and let the glue cure the 24 hours before putting any stress on it.). In fact, a little too good. I did a warranty exchange and wanted to keep the clip, because I really like it, and it was a nightmare to get off because the foam tape is weaker than the adhesive, with scraping, heat gun, and goo gone. So now I use my favorite E6000 glue that I use for nearly everything anyway. Unfortunately, it also needs a day to cure and it’s really slippery at first, so I put the E600 over most of the clip with a tiny gap where I apply a dab of hot glue. The hot glue won’t hold the clip on it’s own for long, and it gets brittle in the cold, but it holds the clip still while the the E6000 cures. The E6000 is my favorite because it’s really strong, moreso than super glue, but remains slightly flexible. Means you can pry the clip off with some deliberate force, and remove the glue in a strip, similar to rubber cement. Sounds like a pain the butt, but it’s by far my favorite clip/carry solution. Others have reported auto trim tape works too, but I imagine it’s the same removal problem. Four+ years of daily abuse and it still holds tight on a single, thin layer of fabric, and the pump is so much smaller without the case. I’m outta wanna now, though, so should probably put it back in a case!

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WOW, a twofer, Robyn, I put the clip in my wish list if I get approved for the pump. The E6000 adhesive is also in my list. It is supposed to work on PVC which would be really good.

I have a thing I came up with for the top tube of my bicycle made of PVC with a thin piece of steel glue to it and HD Velcro. It secures my special diabetic carb potion flask. The flask has to rare earth magnets and the matching Velcro. I tried several types of glue that failed, finally using Shoe Goo. It looks nasty but held. I will try again with your wonder glue.

I also was surprised about the flash, in over a year I never noticed it. Today I stared at it for over 30 seconds, and saw it !!!

Normally I keep pump in pocket, in a case. When I bolus or check home screen, I rarely look at the top portion of pump.
At night also in case. So I never noticed the blinking light.

But another thing I learned when I checked Tandem website, is that the “Tandem button” (right side of screen) is an exit button so I don’t have to do multiple back arrow steps.

Amazing what you learn when you read manual or watch videos.

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I have used a Nite Ize Clip on and off for 5 years. My latest one started falling off of my waistband frequently, especially when hiking. Probably old and stretched out. So I pulled it off and am back to keeping my pump in my pocket a lot of the time and using a Type 1 Tactical case the rest of the time. Prior to Tandem, I always kept my pumps in my pocket. But when I had years of false occlusion alarms with Tandem, they blamed it on my keeping it in my pocket. My last couple of pumps don’t have occlusion alarms (different pump or software changes?) so I am happily back to pump in the pocket.

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