Tandem malfunction...possibly caused by Tidepool upload?

I had a peculiar pump malfunction today and was curious if anyone else has experienced the same issue or has insight into the problem…
I was uploading my Tandem data via USB cable using the Tidepool uploader app installed on my Mac laptop. I had not uploaded to Tidepool since my last doctor’s visit so it had been almost 6 months. In the middle of the upload, I got an alarm on the pump saying MALFUNCTION and the pump screen was frozen on that message.
I let the upload finish and called Tandem thinking the call would be someone from tech support basically talking me through a script of actions to get the alarm cleared and go on with my life. Instead, the tech support guy asked some questions and said, “That alarm cannot be cleared, the error code is undefined, we will overnight you a new pump.”
What the what?!? (I haven’t done MDI in 15 years, don’t keep any long-acting insulin at home and really have only a vague idea how to go 24 hours without my pump…so maybe this is a wake-up call that I should figure that stuff out?)
Anyway, I convinced the guy to talk me through shutting down and restarting the pump and as far as I can tell it’s now working fine and I am very happy not to have to improvise with MDI for a day.
The fact that the malfunction happened during a Tidepool upload could just be a coincidence so I’m curious if it’s happened to someone else.
I’m also slightly flummoxed by the fact that Tandem tech support went straight for the replacement pump without trying anything else and I’m curious if anyone else has experienced that, too. And how can an error code be undefined, anyway? Did my pump generate an original code from it’s tiny little electronic self? If I let 1,000 pumps generate error codes for 1,000 years would they eventually compose the complete works of Shakespeare in error code?


Since you were doing a cable download, it’s possible you caused some error that was cleared when you restarted it.

I always have lantus just for emergencies. Esp when I travel.
You just never know.

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I have used Humalog only several times when I had a pump failure. It just takes more blood sugar monitoring and 5 to 6 shots per day. Not find fun but works in emergencies.

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