Tandem pump malfunction

Morning all I got a pump malfunction this morning.
It was a software error apparently. It shut off my pump flow and gave an error screen. In my sleep I just hit the buttons to cancel alarms because I figured I was running high. But half asleep I didn’t read the error and it’s not an error that can be canceled.

So sure enough a half hour later my phone was alarming on dexcom ap because I was running high. 188.
So I looked at my pump and saw I was getting no insulin for 20 min.
Anyway. I took and injection and called Tandem. They just had me restart it, which I could have done myself.
But it came back on and everything is fine.

My phone does this kind of crap from time to time.

I’ve never had this happen with a pump before.
Who thinks I need to be worried? Should I carry some lantus with me?

I don’t think this indicates any failures are eminent.

Something to be aware of, though - my Omnipod controller just failed and the mail seems super slow. It will get slower and slower as Christmas approaches. I’ve been waiting for the new arrival for over a week and it still hasn’t come.

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I know calling is a hassle but we need to call these things in so there is a record of a problem.

When I first got the phone app, I had connection issues and I was told to call every time so they could track problems. Each time I did, we did the same thing. Shut things down, unload app, and than reload it and reconnect. A pain in the neck each time but they need to know there is a problem.

I don’t know if I would start carrying around long acting insulin, but I always have a bottle of insulin the the refrigerator at work with a syringe if I run into problems. I haven’t had a long acting insulin since I started pumping back in 1990. The one time I had a pump failure, I just used regular insulin spaced out over the day I was without my pump. But you need to do what makes you feel comfortable. I hope this alarm was a one time deal. I have been very fortunate with my Tandem pumps. I only had occlusion alarms when I first started and switched to steel infusion set and haven’t looked back.

Good luck and hope this was a one time deal!

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It arrived today. So, not too bad. There were 2 weekends involved because it crapped out on a Friday, so it seemed worse. But, prepare for mail meltdown as Christmas arrives, if its anything like last year. HAVE BASAL in the fridge…that applies to everyone…always.

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