Tandem tslim x2 users

If you push ‘stop bolus’ before bolus is finished (like if you decide you didnt want to take the whole amount) but you end up pushing stop right as whole amount finished delivering, will the fact it was the whole amount mess up the pump or csuse a malfunction, 'over delivery ’ etc since usually you push stop ‘before’ whole amount delivers?

Nothing adverse will happen to the pump from pushing the stop bolus button.

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Your insulin delivery summary will include only the amount that was infused.

Yes, it’s a total non-issue. Remember, they DESIGNED the pump to have this feature and that button. It’s designed to work without harming the pump.

Besides, over-delivery really doesn’t apply to the T:slim (unless you’ve programmed it to be too aggressive or CGM error). The safety of the micro-delivery design, which keeps you completely isolated from the insulin and can only deliver what is ordered (vs the Medtronic design which CAN leak excess insulin because you’re directly in line with the insulin), was the original selling point of the T:slim before there was any automation.

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