Taping tips for minilink?

Does anyone have any methods of taping the minilink that seam to work? Im just looking for any tips to improve the length of time that helps the sensor stay secure.

I just use the nexcare tape I put a piece long ways and width ways and I have no problem . Its in the baindaid section of your store . There are differnt styles of the tape I use the purple on .

I’ve had good results with 2 pieces of IV3000. I have them overlap (about 1") in about the middle of the transmitter. Sometimes I’ll put a 4" long piece of paper tape directly over the sensor (not covering the clips that connect sensor to transmitter) perpendicular to the senor - transmitter line.

I ran out of the IV3000 I was using and picked up some Tegaderm at Walgreen’s (in the first aid section). I’ve found it stays on for several days, while I had to change the IV3000 every day or so. It’s more comfortable too. A little pricey, but definitely does the job well.

I know I am new to this, just started on Tuesday, but I use the IV3000, but the CDE gave me a good tip. After putting the IV3000 over the sensor and transmitter, to cup the palm of my hand over the tape and transmitter and the heat of my hand kind of seals the whole deal. I have had no problem with it coming lose through my daily bath.