Tasting insulin?!

I have been on the Minimed Paradigm for a few years, and whenever I do a bolus over about 10 units, I get this horrible taste of insulin in my mouth. It is not the metallic taste I have heard about, it is actually insulin. It does taste just like it smells! this taste is impossible to wash out with gum, drinking water, eating something, but it's driving me bonkers! anyone had this experience?

No I've never heard of this... Sorry. 10 units for a bolus seems like a lot, be careful on not going low.

not on pump yet bit i use 30 units usually for a meal bolus and its never happed to me. though i have accidently tasted it after giving self shot and a lil blood wells up. nasty nasty taste.

I've had it happen when I was on MDI, but it's not a regular thing. Sometimes, the tops of my ears would tingle when I gave myself a shot, too, so I always assumed it was me being weird and I never thought to ask anyone about it.:P

I haven't experienced the taste of insulin, but I believe I've read that you shouldn't give yourself more than like 7.5 units of insulin in one dose because it is not as effective. I would break it up and give part of it in the pump and the rest in a shot. At least that is what I do.

Thanks all!

over 10 units at once is not unusual for me, I sometimes even have to lower the bolus because it goes over my max bolus cutoff... I just eat a lot :)

erm, what is MDI? I feel like I should know all this terminology, but unfortunately, since I have had little or no complications, just straight up T1, with the simplest diagnosis ever, (when bg is over 1000, and you are 67 pounds, it's probably diabetes, no?) I have never used anything but humalog, and have hardly had to switch up my ratios, though that might be just because I was switching doctors every appointment for the first year and a half.

Multiple daily injections :)

Sometimes, when I inject I can taste the insulin. Sort of like a medicinal taste. And if you have every squirted out your insulin from the pen and smelled it, it is clearly the same thing. I think what happens is that I sometimes hit a blood vessel, releasing insulin into my blood stream and it gets circulated around my body to my mouth, throat and nose where some of the aromatics come out and I taste/smell it. Just my speculation.

oh duh! thanks

That is what I assumed as well, and it's possible, since even if I hit a vessel, I wouldn't feel it because I use emla...