Team Type 1 video

A while back I saw an introduction video to Team Type I, it included interviews and footage of training rides with their pumps clearly visible on the back of their arms. Can anyone help me with a link to that video?

You might be talking about the documentary made by Vox Pop Films. You can check out their website here:
From their main page, click the “One Shot” tab at the top…and then down at the bottom of this page it says “View One Shot”…I can’t make it play right now (in chrome or internet explorer) but I think that’s probably the video you’re looking for. Hope that helps (although I’m pointing you to a currently non-functioning video lol).

Thanks Bradford - I clicked through without reading your post to the end and spent about 5 minutes doing some browser gymnastics to get it to work. I came back , actually READ your complete response and “Ding!”

I emailed them to see if they have any suggestions on getting it to play…I’ll let you know if I hear anything back from them. Sorry for now that you’re not really any closer to viewing it again than you were before. Hopefully they’ll give us some insight about where we might find a working version :slight_smile: