Teen non dd who is hypoglycemic showing signs of highs

We put our daughter on a dexcom because she was waking up during the night hungry all through out nov recently we had tacos and two hours later i looked at her dex she was 249 :flushed: Finger 164

Starting to look like D to me. I recommend getting her in to see her physician ASAP.

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Hi @Jennifer54, welcome!

I am sure you must be anxious about your daughter, I would be too.

Of course, stress can also cause glucose spikes with normals. If she is subject to anxiety attacks, it is possible that stress is what caused her to shoot up, at the same time as her gulcose was going up with the tacos. Normals can get very high glucose rises: I read somewhere of a nomal eating a large burger and fries while wearing a CGM and going up higher than 180.

So it may not be D. But with a sign like this, I would definitely take her to the doctor right away.

Since she wears a Dexcom - does she spike for every meal? What type of meal does she spike on?

I know it’s hard not to worry - but there may be more than one possibility - so best not to worry (and not to worry her) unduly. Yet it would be best to take her to the doctor swiftly.

Looking forward to reading more from you. I am hoping that, in a few days, you will be back here, writing “it was nothing”!

I would go to the dr for peace of mind for both of you. This concern has to be put to bed either way. I think it has gone on too long already. You both are going to finish up nervous wrecks

I have been in contact with endo we are going to do an oral test because of the high for diabetes because her little brother is type 1 she does have anxiety because school issues when she is home is usually fine. Yesterday was much better no spikes

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She has a well child visit friday afternoon also

She has a well child visit friday afternoon also

i’m sorry to hear your daughter has some school issues. I hope that sorts out too.

That’s good, you both will feel better when it’s resolved, As there is concern for her also being hypo as well as hyper. the endo may do an extended 5hr OGTT, to possible see if there is a sugar crash to levels below 50.

obviously you would have your T1 son on about 70 as a warning low. To be treated before it gets to true hypo levels