Temptation like a bull to a red cloth

As you know I was born in the Black Country in Dudley to be precise smoke fumes dirt and grime foundaries ironmakers chain makersthe air was thick with the sweat and toil of good honest men and women and in days best forgotten children so I am make of hard stuff so I thought but when diabetes paid me a call I was not prepared for the changes in life it would force me to take,for many years I swept it under the carpet when I a wee babe mom introduced me to the joy of cleaning sweaping and doing what she sometimes did not want to do, I often heard her say well that's why you have kids.
I am not complaining for mom teached me well I can cook clean and generally look after myself well I use to be able to,diabetes not only saps your body but if you let it it saps the very essence of you like a blood starved vampire most days i feel like the walking dead and that is no exageration my eyes are red blood shot the make up folks on hammers dracula could not have done a better job,most folks I meet and that is not many as I do not get out much often with embarressment comment I do not look very good,nice for asking but I usually reply this is a good day for me,our cat is in stealth mode glidding through the tall grass stalking a pigeon as big as she is,she will have a goos cjance of cathing it but with no teeth she can claw it but the worst it will get is a good sucking with smudges gums.
On my half yearly assesment the doctor seemed chuffed/happy/glad/that my results blood were very good 7.3 down from 8.4 and the loss of 14 kilos was welcomed more excersise raymond he said I know doctor doing my bset well it is not good enough buy a bike get walking I thought buy a bike and walk with it seems funny to me,anyway the new drug extenacide/bydureon seems to be working as you may know victoza fizzled out for me lost me 2 stone but my body got use to it as most bodies do,back to temptation is that how you spell it My Angel has been slow cooking a lamb casserole/stew to me for 2 days fresh carrots swede leeks mushrooms and other great british vegetables and the smell has been whoffting though our house like a bull to a red cloth until finally this morning for breakfast I could not resist it any more crunchy french bread whoooerrrr it was lovely see you all soon love twiddle forgot the black country use ot make ships anchors as well

Well, I think you look good! Glad the doc does too.

I always enjoy reading your posts, and now I want to hop on a plane for some lamb stew!