Thanks Tudiabetes

I was DX in November 08 with an A1C of 10.7 and Fasting sugars over 300. Since than I have been researching and learning as much as I can and this site has been a goldmine of information. With the help of Tudiabetes(all of you wonderful people) and my sister who has been type 1 since 4, I just got my first post DX A1C results… Drum roll please… 6.3 !!! It is encouraging to know I’m headed in the right direction in managing my life with diabetes.

At my Endo appointment I had my list of questions and concerns (thanks again Tudiabetes). The one I’m still struggling with is the Janumet the Dr. would like me to continue to take. Any other Type 1 or 1.5 out there takeing Janumet along with insulin injections?

Thanks again all of you who post your knowledge for us greenhorns to glean from.


Hi Krueger,
I am glad you have found TuDiabetes to be a valuable source of information.

I am type 1.5, but I don’t take Janumet. However, I did a search for “Janumet” in the forum and found a bunch of topics where it gets discussed:

Hope this helps.

Great Job on lowering your A1C. I am Type 1.5, use a pump and use humalog. Keep up the good work:)

Awesome A1c Krueger!

And I couldn’t agree with you more about this wonderful community :slight_smile:


Congrats on the lower A1c. That’s quite an accomplishment!

Thanks for what? I sure didn’t do anything but be myself. Ha! I think that’s absolutely disgusting … getting a handle on things that fast!! Actually, I envy you!!

But be aware that you may run into a few roadbumps in the future. If that happens, we will be here. In the meantime … how did you do it!!! :O)

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nice A1c!

I am a T1 and pump Apidra. I tried metformin since I also have insulin resistance, but now take symlin and the results have been very dramatic for me (in a good way). The metformin didn’t really do much for me

Big ole drum roll–that’s fantastic! Know you worked hard to be there. And what a gorgeous baby!

Sorry, can’t tell you anything about Janumet, but wanted to congratulate you & say hi.

Congrats !!! Awesome A1c !!!

I am proud to know you via this media …proving it can be done …CONGRATS …and with a baby looking this beautiful , you are motivated and deserve another DRUM ROLL :-)…here goes : DRRRRUMM>>>>>…RRRRO>>>>>>>LLLLLL…

Thanks isME,

Your imput on this site is awesome.

Thanks Teresa for the note. You people Rock!

Thankyou for the note and i’m sure I will be looking to this wonderful site and wonderful people to help me smooth out the bumps when they come my way.

I just got my first bolus pen today so no more janumet! I guess the Januvia in the Janumet is thought to possibly split the beta cells into two thus creating more cells. But i’m not to keen on the drugs right now. I think the Met is making me loose the weight. Some weight is good but i’m almost “skinny” now, so i’m hopeful the weightloss will stop. I will try the bolus pen this weekend when i’m in a controlled enviroment and not running around at work.
Thanks for the responses and the many other discussions you add to making this site rock.

Thanks for the comments, the gorgeous part of the baby comes from the wife.

Don’t worry you are saved insulin is a make fat drug. Good luck.

Aaah, I can tell you’re a good husband & a proud daddy. Now, we all want to see photos of the beautiful wife on your page.

Yay, bolus pen!

Insulin hasn’t made me fat, at least not yet. I struggle to gain weight because I eat low carb. If you find you can’t maintain a healthy weight & are too thin, slowly add more protein to each meal.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Congrats on your wonderful new number and your hardwork,its easy when ya have the great support of this family! Just keep it up!