Thanks you guys

Thanks everybody for continually challenging me to know more and work harder.
All your help, helps me to remind my local community that diabetes isn’t quite so simple.

This was a good conference with members of the tech community (security people, mayo people, university people) - a really good crowd. I didn’t do that great, but I was able to spit out a surprising amount in 30 minutes. It may or may not be coherent. I’m too afraid to watch it.

If your short on time, you can fast forward to the end to see the heckler. Who was he? A diabetic? A Medtronic employee? I may never know…but, I will always wonder.

mohe’s video presentation:

If your doing any outreach and need slides, I have a bunch here. They are built, in large part, on research done by Tu community diabetics.

Slides here

You guys are bad-■■■ diabetics and my hat is off to you. Happy Thanksgiving!


Dont forget to eat pie and have fun! Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t eat! Sometimes you have to throw a pie at someone.


Congratulations on your presentation!

Happy T-DAY!

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@mohe0001 to be fair, your presentation was rockstar! The heckler just gives balance and helps to illustrate your points.

Thanks for sharing your presentation and Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:

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